Winter Memories Suzuka Guide: All Events

Are you looking for a Suzuka guide in Winter Memories to help you with all of her events in the game? Here’s everything you should know.

Suzuka has five events available, and they are fairly straightforward as they require increasing affection and gifting various dishes. To help you trigger them all, let’s explain them in turn.

First Suzuka Interaction

Winter Memories Suzuka guide.

To meet Suzuka and interact with her for the first time, head to the River Beach Camp on 12/26. And that’s all.

Talk to her, and you’re ready to start raising Affection and triggering all her events.

Winter Memories: Suzuka Event #1

For the first Suzuka event, here are the requirements:

  • Reach Affection 20
  • Gift Suzuka a 1-Star dish

If you don’t have dishes unlocked, you can get more cooking recipes in Winter Memories through the part-time waiter minigame.

As for ingredients, you can get them from the grocery store, while hiking on Mountain Trial, and by paying the Wild Greens man. Now, you’ve got everything you need to start cooking dishes for Suzuka.

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Suzuka Event #2

The second Suzuka event has the following requirements.

  • Reach Affection 40
  • Gift Suzuka a 2-Star dish

Suzuka Event #3

Winter Memories Suzuka guide.

For the third event, you’ll need to fulfill the following requirements:

  • Reach Affection 60
  • Gift Suzuka a 3-Star dish

Suzuka Event #4

Next, the fourth event has the following requirements:

  • Reach Affection 80
  • Gift Suzuka a 4-Star dish

Also, after completing these, talk to Suzuka during dusk, and you’ll unlock the Hot Spring area behind the camp.

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Winter Memories: Suzuka Event #5

Lastly, to get the final Suzuka event in Winter Memories, here’s what you need to do:

  • Reach Affection 100

Then, talk to Suzuka during the evening, and that’s all!

Big shoutout to SillyMeause (めあうせ) for their informative guide over at Steam. All credit belongs to their massive effort to help players. If you want to check out their guide, go here to leave them a rating.

What are your thoughts on Suzuka’s storyline? Which chapter and event was your favorite overall? Don’t hesitate to share your feedback by commenting below.

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