Roblox Project Slayers: Best Breathing in the Game

The Update 1 of Roblox Project Slayers has rolled in recently with tons of new additions and changes in Game Modes, Bosses, Breathing Styles, and even the game meta.

The effectiveness of the Breathing styles have been adjusted, which has affected their performance in both Competitive and PVE formats.

So, with the new update coming in, which is the best Breathing in Roblox Project Slayers right now?

Best Breathing in Roblox Project Slayers

Wind Breathing takes the top spot among all Breathing types in Project Slayers, including the ones introduced in the new patch.

Wind Breathing Roblox Project Slayers

As the name suggests, this Breathing style uses the element of wind to perform its moves. With the implementation of various forms of wind, this Breathing takes offense and aggression to a different level.

The Dust Whirlwind Cutter and Clean Storm Wind Tree moves inflict an insane amount of damage with the powerful slashes.  The slashes involve rapid, stormy movements that can kick anyone off of their positions.

Dust Whirlwind Cutter Roblox Project Slayers

The Clean Storm Wind is boosted further when done in a combo with the Cold Mountain Wind. The number of spins increase and thus the damage levels also rise.

The most impactful move for ranged attacks that makes Wind Breathing so overpowered is the Itaden Typhoon.

Itaden Typhoon Roblox Project Slayers

It takes some grinding for Mastery but the ability to unleash wrath while being mid-air is deadly in both competitive and PVE modes. The Itaden Typhoon can also break through blocks with ease.

The first Purifying Wind ability is quite effective for long-range situations too.

There’s a lot of options to create combo moves with the six set of abilities available.

Wind Breathing can be easily obtained after Level 12 and 5000 Wen, unlike Flame or Mist Breathing.

There may be a lack of defensive features, but it’s made up for the insane range of attacking options in hand.

Thunder Breathing is another style that has been quite strong in Project Slayers for a while now. It’s no different for Update 1, but Wind Breathing edges it out with its attacking potential for both combo attacks and long-range situations.

Roblox Project Slayers Breathing Tier List

Along with the best Breathing in the game mentioned above, here’s my tier list of all the Breathing styles present in the game right now.

S Tier

Undoubtedly, Wind Breathing makes the S tier. It’s definitely the best one in the game with its deadly attacking potential for combinations and large distances.

A Tier

Thunder Breathing Roblox Project Slayers

Thunder Breathing, Mist Breathing and Flame Breathing are quite impressive in Update 1 but don’t really match the offensive standards of Wind Breathing, thus dropping them down to the second-best tier.

B Tier

Insect Breathing Roblox Project Slayers

Beast Breathing, Insect Breathing, and Water Breathing belong to the B tier. They’re not very impressive but they aren’t horrible to play either. They could do with some buffs in the abilities and damage-dealing capabilities.

I haven’t added any styles in the C or F tiers, since all these Breathing styles are good enough in their own way. The B tiers could be better, but none of these are in a stage where they can’t be played at all.

Wrapping Up

Breathing styles, along with BDA, are the ways you can inflict damage in the game. Each come with their own abilities and movesets, and they have been adjusted in the most recent Update 1.

All of them have specific advantages and drawbacks; however, what separates them from each other is how well their abilities and advantages outweigh the disadvantages involved.

Keeping that in mind, Wind Breathing is by far the best of all the Breathing styles in Roblox Project Slayers right now and has impressed gamers the most.

For the aid of the reader, some screenshots in this article were taken from Steemster in Project Slayers Fandom Wiki, and used under the CC BY-SA license.

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