Travellers Rest Game Guide: Tips & Tricks for All Players

Travellers Rest is a very interesting game where you will need to take care of an inn for customers to come to visit, and possibly sleep over for a night or two.

Stay tuned to find out some tips and tricks on doing a better job at it.

If you do not organize yourself with some things to do first rather than later, keeping up an inn all by yourself can come quite tiresome and frustrating.

Not only that, you won’t be getting enough customers and your profit and money income will stagnate. That’s why there’s something you need to do first.

In this guide, I will be showing you some very useful tips and tricks that you ought to be using to become a better inn owner. Let’s get started.

Big Tables and Big Benches

The best way to start, in my opinion, is to save up and buy the big tables and benches. Building just one set for the tavern took way too long. 

If you buy them quickly and way earlier, you will get more people will start coming in sooner. This way you will make a very good profit early on.

With this profit early on you will be able to invest in more things that will get you more money and it term make your life in Travellers Rest a whole lot easier.

It is a very small and minor thing to do, but very game-changing.

The Fireplace is Very Important

To open the fireplace, right-click on it. Make sure it has plenty of sticks, logs, or coal to burn. Start with about 5 logs to serve customers for a full day. 

The I/O switch turns on and off the fireplace. When the lights come on at 7 p.m., turn on the fireplace to keep your customers comfortable. 

Check the fuel every morning, and turn it off before you go to bed when all the customers have left. This way you will get the most out of it.

When you don’t have enough light even in your dining room you will get very few amounts of people to come to your inn.

Light up Your Rooms

If you see that sometimes you stop getting people sleeping over in some of your rooms there is a very good reason behind it.

The game doesn’t indicate it in any way shape or form, but sometimes you do not have enough light in your rooms. Make sure to place a big lantern or a couple of candles.

When you have enough lighted rooms you will get more customers to stay a night in them.

The developers haven’t put a way on how to see whether the room is light enough or not, but we-the players- have realized this the hard way.

So just go safe, and always place a candle inside and next to the bed in your rooms. If one doesn’t work, you can always put two of them. Let there be light!

What To Put Inside Your Rooms

If you want people to stay the night in the rooms, you must have these things in them:

  • Individual Bed Table – None of the other tables will work
  • Stool – This is the one you get on one of your first quests. The woodcutter can be used to make it.
  • Candle – Put it on a table or in a candle holder on the wall, but it must be in an open space.

This is the necessity that will get your people to stay over a night or possibly even more. Rentals in Travellers Rest are very important for profit and upgrading your inn.

Forage, Forage, and Forage!

This is a game where you will be keeping up a medieval restaurant and an inn, but that doesn’t mean that you should be forgetting the other aspect of the game too.

You will need to be going outside on a constant foraging mission. This will be picking up bushes, chopping down trees, mining some stones and etc.

It is a very important thing to do because you will need the ingredients and resources, also the materials are a must.

Some players sometimes forget about this part of the game and proceed to just stay inside the inn and fail with their task of building up the best inn possible.

I recommend going very big and long with the deforestation. You will need wood all the time so you might as well stock up on it very early on.

Organize your Inventory

This is where your stock goes, especially if all the slots on the equipment bar are full. 

Inventory items can’t be used right away, but they can be moved to chests or machines without an empty equipment bar slot being needed. 

With a tab on the right, your items will be set up so that they are easy to look at quickly. These tabs are also on chests.

Sometimes when you are in a rush you will want to have an organized inventory. You will get so many customers at the late game that even a second will count.

That’s why I highly recommend having your inventory organized and placing the necessary items on your hot bars.

Magic Mop

This is the best thing in the game period.

You will need to constantly be running around with a broom and cleaning up your inn because of all the people that will be staying in your home.

When you get the magic mop, you will have not only a companion but a companion that will go around and clean everything that needs to be cleaned.

It will save you so much time and you can invest this time into meeting and giving the customers what they need. This will make you very rich and it’s the best thing to have very early on.

Build Mode

When you press B you will enter build mode. This is the mode where you will be building things inside your inn.

When you go inside the build mode, the game doesn’t pause so if you are in a rush and you press this button by mistake, it will be very annoying.

Build mode will allow you to play around with thighs around your inn. The thing that it doesn’t pause the game is actually good.

You can go around and satisfy the needs of your customers by simply building a thing right in front of their eyes if they need it.


That’s everything that you need to know about becoming a better inn owned in Travellers Rest!

I hope that these tips and tricks will make you a better overall homeowner and provide you with lots and lots of new customers.

Always remember that the customer is always right. So if they need something special and unique, it is up to you to give it to them.

What is your favorite approach to the game early on and why? How many total customers have you gotten per day and what’s your record? Have fun!

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