Terra Invicta: How to Declare War

Terra Invicta will get out the best of you. You will have the Planet Earth and all its countries at your fingertips.

You will be left out to decide between the devil and the angel on your shoulders.

Stay tuned to find out how to declare and start a war in Terra Invicta.

You will be having lots of choices that you can take in this game. Sometimes you will begin trading and start to build a very stable relationship until it stops.

Then you will maybe go to the very last choice of every country’s interaction – war. Or maybe you will begin your game in this way.

Whatever you decide to do is entirely up to you. In this guide though, we will be talking about choosing the evil way. You will learn how to declare war in Terra Invicta. Let’s get started.

How to Declare War in Terra Invicta

To declare war in Terra Invicta is very simple. You will have to open the diplomacy tab with any country in the world.

You will then scroll over through all the options and you can notice the ‘Declare War’ option. Once you press it you will get a confirmation if you are sure.

Once you hit yes again, you will be in a state of war with that country.

Then you will have an option to deploy your army in that very country that you are at war with. You can just click on it and hit the big deploy button in the middle of the screen.

You will need to pay special attention also to the relationship status too. You can open it by pressing the diplomacy button.

You will need to satisfy a couple of needs like casus beli or the sort, to be able to declare war. Declaring wars on rivaling is a very good idea.

I cannot Declare War. Why is that?

When you are on the relations screen for the country that you want to declare war on, if you move your cursor over the country’s flag, a thumbnail will appear.

This thumbnail will thoroughly explain the circumstances under which you may or cannot do specific acts. One of those acts is declaring war.

You will have to satisfy all of those needs before actually declaring war.

Is Declaring a War a good Idea in Terra Invicta?

Some would say that they are absolutely terrible and should be avoided. They would say something like ars is a waste of time and money.

Without some kind of roleplay, the player won’t actually fight any wars or use any nukes. Having multiple armies is also a waste of money since each faction only needs one army.

While others might disagree especially when you win a war.

When you win, you replace the government in the control points with a friendly one, like yourself. At that point, you can do whatever you want with it. 

Just tell them to put all their money into spoils if you want to. Or just do it to get rid of the person who was in charge before. 

If your enemies start making armies with each other and building nukes, like the servants like to do, you may need more than one army. What Dyktator said, too.

Fighting wars is a good way to help nations join together to form mega-nations without having to wait and risk a crackdown, purge, or coup. 

Depending on your tech level, you may need more than one army to do this.

So to sum it up, declaring a War is a good idea only when you are ready for one. Follow the rules of Sun Tzu and declare war when it is already won.

Tips on Declaring Wars in Terra Invicta

War is one of the only ways to combine countries, even if you don’t normally have the technology or don’t have it yet.

Europe and Russia should join together because they both want Ukraine. Take control of Europe and Russia, conquer Ukraine as Russia, and give it to Europe. 

Then leave the Eurasian union. Russia will be able to join Europe after a while.

Merging the US and Russia, and then Europe: Take control of both countries, disarm one’s nuclear weapons, and send that country’s armies to an ally (to keep them intact). 

Take over the area around the Capital (Moscow for example). Moskov joined the USA.

The rest of Russia becomes an allied state that you control, and the US now has claims on this new state. 

Then, after a year or two, you can join the two territories into a single country. If Russia took over Ukraine, Europe would still have claims on it, even though it now belongs to the US. 

This means that the US/Russia and Europe could join forces and then merge.


That’s everything you need to know about wars in Terra Invicta.

Of course, it is very different when you are playing the 7 different factions that this game has to offer. Some of them are specifically made only for war while others are not.

You will need to declare war every once in a while though, which is the sad reality. Sometimes you will get rivalries and enemies when it isn’t something you want.

So that is why, just in case, you will want to have an army at the ready for when the moment comes.

I hope that this guide has proven useful and given you some very good tips and tricks for declaring wars in Terra Invicta. Make love, not war!

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