Terra Invicta: How to Merge Nations? [Unification Full Guide]

From the people who made Long War, this story is about how an alien invasion has split humanity into seven groups with different ideas about the future. 

Lead the faction you’ve chosen to take over the nations of Earth, grow across the Solar System, and fight enemy fleets in tactical battles.

Stay tuned to find out how to merge nations and if it is even possible.

You will have lots of actions to choose from when dealing with all other nations in the world. When playing with any of the 7 factions you will need to somehow get on top of them.

In this guide we will be talking about the merging action and how can you do it with other nations. Let’s get started.

How to Merge Nations in Terra Invicta

The biggest thing that you will need before you are even able to get a nation to merge with you, is by getting a claim on that land.

To get a claim you will actually need to go inside the Technology Tree and then unlock the Unity Movement. It is located in the second section and should be in the middle.

After you will unlock the Unity Movement you will need to go ahead and proceed to move to the Great Nations tech as well. This is what it looks like.

You will need a claim for Federations and Unifications which can be gotten from the tech tree.

Then you should click Manage Relationships. After that, you can move your cursor over the “Ally” checkbox for either of the nations you want to join.

This will tell you what you need to do to move toward unification and if you can join with another country or not.

Now, if everything checks out and you can merge with a country, you will need to use the “Set National Policy” action of any councilor on the country that has claims on the capital of the country you want to merge with.

Then comes the waiting time. You can keep track of it, and eventually, a country will join with another and become one or unified.

If you are a Paradox Interactive player, you will know how claims work. Basically, you are given a reason to attack a nation and then merge with it.

If you do not have this, the nation might not want to merge or unify with you. You can of course do it with brute force if this happens though by conquer and conquest.

With these tech trees, you will get claims on other countries all over the world which then you can use to unify. Build your reputation and relationship points to the max.

Once you have that you will be able to place your councilour on a much bigger scale and bigger territory.

You do need to be in charge of the most important country before you can take over the smaller ones.

For example, if you want to bring the EU together, you need France because it is the world’s leader.

Also, keep in mind that if you unite, the level of military technology will be set to the middle of what it is in each country. 

The new one will be at 4.6 if one is at 4.8 and the other is at 4.4. Because of this, unification can often be a trap.

Why Merge Nations in Terra Invicta?

Merging with nations in Terra Invicta is crucial if you want to secure your growth over time. You will be placing yourself on top of very big empire nations without having the need to go through a war.

Also, when you get to the late game you will be controlling a lot of nations that will be very small in size. This way you will need to use much of your counselors.

You will be sending a counselor for very small territories which will not grant you almost anything. Whereas when you unify or merge them, you will get much more benefits

That is why you will get a lot of ease of life benefits as well as much more power and growth with your faction.

Unification takes a long time, so don’t just play Paint the World Simulator for fun at first. Make it your long-term goal, with short-term and long-term goals in between.


That is everything you need to know about merging nations in Terra Invicta.

As you might have seen from this guide, merging the nations takes a lot of time, and a lot of patience, and is something that you will benefit from in the long run.

So just be patient and start unifying those smaller countries because when you get to the late game you will have a lot of issues controlling them separately.

I hope that this guide has helped you out and explained in detail the process of unification. Happy unifying!

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  1. This didn’t explain “everything” by a long shot, it barely covered the subject at all beyond ‘getting claims’
    What about the other 90% of the fkkn process? :I

    • Hi Kat! Thank you very much for checking out our guide!

      After you’ve gotten a claim on a nation, you will open the Manage Relationship tab with that nation and see if you satisfy the needs and are able to actually merge with it.

      If everything checks out and you are able to do so, you will send your councilor and ‘Set National Policy’ on the capital of the country that you have a claim on.

      Then you will begin the process of merging and you will just have to wait until it finishes.

      • I think he meant that with a title like (Unification Full Guide) he expected that you would explain how to unify large blocks of countries. See in Terra Invicta unification is finicky and in order to unify the world you need to do it in a very specific order otherwise you lock yourself out of unifying certain blocks. I myself was looking for steps about how to unify the world ( got stuck at three nations left with no path to full unification) and was hoping your article would go in-depth and explain the advanced mechanics of the process. Either way it is a good read for a person who is starting out and I appreciate your time in creating it.


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