Terra Invicta Factions Guide & Best Faction in the Game

Terra Invicta is a game where you will be playing with a certain faction and trying your best to somehow overcome the other factions.

Here will be talking about all the factions so stay tuned to find out all of them and then which are the best to play with.

For a lot of players overcoming and defeating any obstacle in Terra Invicta is the easiest by force. But playing each different faction will require much more than just force.

You can do diplomacy with some factions better than others. You may be a backstabbing faction or even a trading faction.

In this guide, I will be explaining to you all of the factions as well as stating our personal favorites. Let’s get started.

Factions in Terra Invicta

There are a total of 7 factions in Terra Invicta and they are all different from each other.

Humanity First – Destroy

Humanity First is not a group that wants to protect people; it only wants to attack. Its job is to kill all alien life by any means possible.

This also includes people who like the idea of living peacefully with aliens. They aren’t here to make friends. Instead, they want to be in charge of killing all the aliens.

Humanity First would be a great choice if you want a group that always wants to attack.

Since this faction often fights with other factions, you should be ready to fight both aliens and other humans when you play as this faction.

The Resistance – Resist

This group’s main goal is to protect humanity and stop the aliens from taking over. Basically, their main goal is to make sure that people continue to live and do well.

So, the Resistance can be played in two different ways: either make Earth an impenetrable fortress that aliens can’t get into or bring the battle to the aliens by meeting them in space.

Keep in mind that the Resistance is the only faction in the game with a tutorial. This makes them the easiest faction to join.

Those who are new to the game should definitely check this out. At least start with this faction until you get the hang of the game, then switch.

The Initiative – Exploit

The Initiative group wants to get as much power as it can. It isn’t afraid to use aliens or humans as well as anything else it can to get ahead of other groups.

This also means that they might sometimes agree with the idea of letting aliens live among humans, as long as it helps them.

The initiative is all about tricks of the mind and strategic moves. It doesn’t use brute force to take over new areas.

It wants to use exploitation and manipulation to cause chaos from behind the scenes.

If that’s what you want to play as you’d probably have a great time playing as this faction.

The Servants – Submit

Most people think that this faction is the easiest to play in the game, even easier than the Resistance. 

The whole point of The Servants is to “serve” the aliens. It worships the aliens so it can show that it is worthy.

This means that you would be flipping the whole game over. If you didn’t fight back against the alien invasion, you’d be all for them killing everyone on Earth.

The goals of the Servants are the opposite of those of the Humanity First faction, so if you play as the Servants, be ready to fight with them almost all the time.

Even though its premise might not be for everyone, playing as the Servants faction can be just as much fun as playing as the Resistance.

The Protectorate – Appease

At first, the Protectorate faction may look a lot like the Servants. They both try to make aliens happy, after all. 

The Protectorate is different, though, because it doesn’t always serve the aliens’ best interests. Instead, its main goal is to protect humanity by making alien life happy.

Its main goal is to make aliens happy so that they won’t want to destroy humans.

The Academy – Cooperate

The Academy wants to show the aliens that humans are just as good as them. It wants to stop the aliens from taking over by showing that people can be just as smart as the aliens.

Playing as this faction can be hard because you’d have to keep track of a lot of different things at once and keep up with the advances of alien life in order to succeed.

Since its goals are peaceful, it would have less trouble with other human factions than if you played another faction.

The Academy is best for people who want to focus more on themselves than on taking over the world.

Project Exodus – Escape

Project Exodus doesn’t want to defend Earth from the aliens. Instead, it wants to get people out of the conflict by sending them into space to find another habitable planet.

Using that reasoning, Project Exodus would put a lot of effort into making space better. 

Building space stations and ships to send into space costs a lot of resources, so playing as this faction would be a lot of work.

It might sound hard to play Project Exodus, but the idea of leaving Earth to find another star is definitely interesting.

Best Faction in Terra Invista – Humanity First

For a lot of people, this is simply the best faction in Terra Invicta because of how active and energizing their playstyle is.

You will be basically doing everything in your power for the ultimate destruction. This is not as easy as it sounds, but it is very fun.

You will be doing short terms buildings, which will make you faster than everybody else, which will then give you just enough supplies to go on attacks.

The only long-term thing that you might be doing is actually merging nations. This way you will control them much easier with only a couple of counselors.

You won’t be losing any time getting ready for something big at all. You will just be attacking and in terms, you will become the best faction simply because of this matter.


Overall Terra Invicta is a very fun game to play. The factions, in the way that they are made, are perfectly balanced, and simply whatever it is you play as, will be like a different game for you.

When it comes to choosing the best faction, I went ahead and chose the option that brings you the most energy and is active.

You will be playing as the Humanity First and bringing total destruction over your enemies in a very active manner. 

I hope that this article has given you some information that you didn’t have from before. What is your best faction and do you agree with my pick?

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