Roblox Kaizen Codes [Working May 2024]

There are various Roblox Kaizen codes to redeem for some free rewards. Let’s go through all of them and explain how to claim them.

Keep in mind that codes expire, and new ones get introduced every week. Thus, make sure to check back often to ensure you’re up to date with all the new codes.

Without further delay, let’s list all the currently active codes and showcase how to claim them.

All Roblox Kaizen Codes

Roblox Kaizen codes - how  to redeem them.

Currently, the following Roblox Kaizen codes can be redeemed:

  • BLACKFLASH_DELAY_WHOOPS – redeem for clan spins and module
  • CHRISTMAS2023 – redeem for 10 clan spins
  • CHECK_GAME_SHOP – redeem for 8 spins
  • DOUBLE_MODULE – redeem for a 30-minute module drop chance
  • FOURSPINS – redeem for 4 clan spins
  • INVERTED_SPEAR_UPDT – redeem for 8 clan spins
  • SPEAR_DELAY_CODE – redeem for 9 clan spins
  • SUB_TO_GRIFON_GAMES_2 – redeem for clan spins and module

Any other code you had has currently expired. Unfortunately, codes in this game don’t stay active for long. Thus, it’s essential to claim the ones above as soon as possible before they get the chance to expire.

How to Redeem Codes in Roblox Kaizen

Roblox Kaizen codes - how  to redeem them.

To redeem codes in Roblox Kaizen, follow these steps:

  1. Launch the game via Roblox
  2. Select the Settings icon (wheel cog) on the left menu
  3. Copy and paste the code in the field where it says ‘Enter Code Here’
  4. Type Redeem

And that’s all! Repeat this process for all codes, and you’re good to go.

It’s important to copy and paste the codes exactly as seen above, including proper capitalization. If the code is invalid, but you’re sure you’ve entered it correctly, there is a chance that it has expired.

We have no official confirmation on when the codes will expire, so comment below if they’re not working anymore.

How to Get More Codes

As there are no social media pages for the game, the best way to get more Roblox Kaizen codes is by bookmarking this article and checking back often. We’ll be updating this whenever new codes get added!

Alternatively, keep an eye on the in-game chat since users will often discuss new codes there to make sure everyone’s claimed them.

Also, if you’re looking to join a clan but can’t decide which one, here’s our Roblox Kaizen clans tier list.

Wrapping up

This sums up our list of all Roblox Kaizen codes. There is a wide variety of codes active that will grant you some free rewards and help you get started.

Just make sure to check back often as codes expire and new ones get introduced with even more great free rewards!

What do you think about the current codes? Are the rewards worth it, or should they add more on the next set of codes? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

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