PS5 Controller Not Charging? Here’s How to Fix!

Are you frustrated with your PS5 controller not charging? It’s extremely inconvenient to charge the controller every time you play, isn’t it?

It’s quite difficult to understand if it’s a hardware or a firmware issue directly, unlike the CE-100009-0 error. Thankfully, there are several methods that you can try out on your PS5 controller in order to resolve it!

I’ll walk you through all the possible steps you can take to finally enjoy a proper game in your PS5 without having to constantly worry about charging the controller!

How to Fix PS5 Controller not Charging?

Resetting the Console and Controller

The first step you can take in order to resolve this charging issue is to reset your PS5 and the controller as well.

PS5 Controller Reset Button

In order to reset the PS5 controller, look for a tiny hole at the back of the controller. You’ll need a needle, or a toothpick, or something similar, to poke the button present in the hole and hold it for around 5 seconds.

For the PS5’s case, just turn it off and open the power cable from the socket for a minute or so. Plugging it in again will have reset it but don’t worry, none of your data will be lost!

With both the console and the controller reset, try charging once again.

Trying the USB Port on the rear-end of the PS5

We usually charge our controllers using a cable connected to the USB port on the front-end of the PS5.

PS5 console ports at the back

You can connect the cable to the USB port available on the backside of the console with the power outlet cables and LAN ports. If this resolves the issue for you, the problem probably lies in the ports on the front side of the console. 

Changing the Cable

A majority of charging issues are caused by faulty cables. Your controller and USB ports may be working just fine, but a problematic cable will always prevent proper charging.

Different USB cables for PS5 controller charging

You can use a replacement cable – one that supports both charging and data transfer – and check if the controller is properly charging or not.

Blowing on the Charging Port

Now, this may be one of the most bizarre fixes in this list, but hear me out! This has been reported to work for several users and it’s definitely worth trying it out!

PS5 charging port

Just blow into the charging port of your PS5 controller; basically, this will help to clear out any kind of dirt that may have been preventing proper contact of the cable with the device.

Reconnecting the PS5 Controller

If your PS5 controller isn’t working at all, you may need a separate device to carry out this step.

Firstly, you’ll need to navigate to the Wireless Controller option in the console. You can get there by opening Settings, followed by Accessories, General, and finally, Bluetooth Accessories.

PS5 controller wireless options pathway PS5

In the Wireless Controller menu, select your “faulty” PS5 controller and delete the profile. You may also be able to do that under Bluetooth Accessories.

PS5 wireless controller option in PS5

After that, take that controller and reconnect it to the PS5. The console will install the device again, repairing any underlying issues, and this should hopefully, fix your charging issue.

Still no luck?!

Charging directly from a Power Outlet

If all the previous method have failed, you can try directly charging the controller from the power outlet. The problem may have been the power system of the console itself. This can be done in two ways.

External adapter with USB port to charge PS5 controller

The USB cable of the controller can be connected to an adapter with a USB port on it, which can then be stuck to the power outlet.

Charging dock to directly charge ps5 controller

On the other hand, if you happen to have a Power Strip or Charging Dock with USB ports, then an extra adapter won’t be a necessity.

Keep the controller connected for 2-3 hours, and this should hopefully bring you a good result.

Getting a Warranty Replacement

If you were unable to charge your PS5 controller using any of the methods mentioned above, the problem most probably lies in the battery or the internal designs of the controller.

In that case, there’s nothing much you can do, other than contacting the Customer Support of Sony getting a replacement controller with the provided 1-year warranty.

However, do make sure that you don’t damage the controller in any other way or trying opening it up with a screwdriver. You’ll be stripped off the warranty privileges if that’s the case.

Wrapping Up

A charging malfunction on a controller can be one of the most frustrating things while gaming. And, it’s worse when it happens to an expensive PS5 controller!

The solutions and fixes stated above have proven to work for a multitude of users, resolving their issue completely.

These should work for you too, given that you’re doing them correctly and there’s no major internal issue in your controller. In that case, replacement is the only way to go!

If you’re having trouble understanding any of the points in the article, do leave a comment below, so that I can make it easier for you!

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