Shadows Over Loathing Companions: How to Find them All

Are you struggling to find the Companions in Shadows over Loathing? Are you exhausted after trying out several methods to find a particular companion?

I understand your frustration and my job today is to try and put an end to that through this detailed guide, which should help you find all the companions in Shadows over Loathing!

How to Find All Companions in Shadows Over Loathing?

So far, there are seven companions that you can find in Shadows over Loathing. The companions come with vignettes and boss fights, and it’s unique for all of them. You can complete one or two vignettes for each companion.

As you progress through these vignettes for each character, you’ll be completing their storyline along with yours, and obtain special achievements once you do.


The first companion on the list is Gabby the Goblin. Gabby is an amazing buddy, boosting your HP by +5 and Muscle by +1.

Gabby in Shadows over Loathing

As you progress through the story, you’ll have to enter Murray’s Antiques early on in the game. In here, the receptionist will make some conversation with you.

She’ll stop you once you plan on going to sleep, and that’s where Gabby comes in. Gabby will join you as a companion for a fight, in the initial missions of the game.

You’ll have to take her to the Crystaldream Lake and let her make her way towards a cave, where the clones are located. However, you shouldn’t stop exploring yourself.

Follow Gabby to the cave the next day and interact with the clones. Once you’ve done that, the last part will involve looking through Gray County and finding her final skill.


Next up, Obie is another great companion that increases your Muscle by +1. There’s also a new skill addition once you complete the vignette at S.I.T.

Goldthwait Park in Shadows Over Loathing

It’s not too difficult to find Obie; you can locate him first in Goldthwait Park. Without implementing any sort of skills, you can try to get Obie to follow you to the Hobos.

The most difficult part of Obie’s vignettes is probably the small quest that involves flutes.

Just keep your patience while the flute is being played. The tune repeats after a while; therefore, if you struggle to remember, take your time and listen several times.


Molly is pretty easy to find, but it does depend on the storyline you pursue. Make sure you agree to the offer from the mob. Once you do that, you can spot Molly will be outside Murray’s Antiques; take her with you when she requests.

Murrays Antiques in Shadows Over Loathing

Molly is awesome as a companion, especially when it comes to the offensive attributes. You’ll probably have to visit a lot of places to complete the vignettes and gain access to all of Molly’s skills and features.


Barker is a dog companion and comes with strong abilities, such as harming enemies with poison, once the vignettes are completed properly.

SIT campus in Shadows over Loathing

But first, in order to find Barker in Shadows over Loathing, you’ll need to go to S.I.T. The task at hand is to do the course on botany, which will eventually lead you to one of the houses owned by Professor Kalos.

You’ll need to prepare food for Barker by mixing the dog food that can be found in the kitchen with water. Barker will follow you around once you treat him the food.


Similar to Barker, you can find Simone while taking a course in S.I.T. as well, but this time it will be the course on robotics.

When you’ve successfully completed it, Simone will tag along with you as your companion; however, you’ll need to request her to do so. Moreover, a robotic companion accompanies Simone too.

Simone can be a dangerous companion as she has abilities to inflict a good deal of damage on multiple enemies with her robotic ally, and light one enemy on fire as well.


S.I.T. is the best place to meet companions and Dr. Adams is the third one on the list that you’ll meet while studying and completing the Chemistry course.

You’ll be tasked with making Bronze revivifying juice to put on the statues that are present in the department, which are made of Bronze.

The juice you made should be poured on the statues and Dr. Adams will come back to reality, from being bronzed to un-bronzed! He turned himself into a bronzed statue and didn’t reverse the process!

This is where you interact with Adams and he becomes your companion. He can be quite a strong companion to have too, since the potions that he can make are lethal and deadly.


Alphonse is probably the most frustrating character to find and complete vignettes in Shadows over Loathing.

Alphonse can be found somewhere near Big Moist. When you have the Rift Crystal, he’ll come and join as your companion when you’re going past the Big Moist.

There are two vignettes to be completed for Alphonse which can be found around the Big Moist as well. Alphonse is able to cause serious damage on the enemies through spooky attacks and bites.

Wrapping Up

Finding companions in Shadows over Loathing can be a bit time-consuming, and at times, somewhat frustrating.

But, if you enjoy the genre and the storyline, you shouldn’t have a bad time finding them, fighting alongside them, and completing their vignettes.

In case you’re having trouble finding a certain companion, leave a comment below!

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