Return of the Obra Dinn: All Crew Members and Causes of Death

Return of the Obra Dinn is a truly unique mystery game and I absolutely love it, even though it does drive me crazy every now and then. It is most difficult to track all the crew members and find out their causes of death – but things will be a lot simpler now thanks to our bare-bones guide to the Return of the Obra Dinn crew members and their cause of death.

You will still have to play the game and go through all the exploration elements yourself, but it will be easier now that you have this info. You will know where to search, what to do and you’ll have a bit of sanity left instead of having to wander aimlessly around.

As you can imagine, there are a ton of spoilers in our Return of the Obra Dinn walkthrough below so only read if you really want to know the causes of death of all crew members of the Obra Dinn. This list is not based on the chapters the deaths occur, but on the rank of the crew. Use Ctrl + F and search for a specific name if needed.

Now that you’ve been warned, let’s get started and move on with out guide.

Return of the Obra Dinn – causes of death of all the crew members

Robert Witterel (Captain) – Killed himself with a gun
William Hoscut (First Mate) – Killed with a gun by the captain
Edward Nichols (Second Mate) – Shot by Chioh Tan
Martin Perrott (Third Mate) – Spiked
John Davies (Fourth Mate) – Clubbed by Henry Brennan

Alfred Klestil (Bosun) – Torn apart by a beast
Charles Miner (Bosun’s Mate) – Drownded by a beast
Henry Evans (Surgeon) – Still alive (in Africa)
James Wallace (Surgeon’s Mate) – Clawed
Winston Smith (Carpenter) – Speared by a beast
Marcus Gibbs (Carpenter’s Mate) – Spiked

Thomas Sefton (Cook) – Struck by a tail
Emil O’Farrell (Butcher) – Spiked
Christian Wolff (Gunner) – Shot with a cannon by a beast
Olus Wiater (Gunner’s Mate) – Shot with a gun by John Davies
Duncan McKay (Purser) – Drowned by a beast
Finley Dalton (Helmsman) – Drowned by a beast
Edward Spratt (Artist) – Crushed by a beast

Passengers on the Obra Dinn & Causes of death

Abigail Hoscut Witterel – Crushed by rigging
Nunzio Pasqua – Knifed by Edward Nichols
Emily Jackson – Still alive (in Africa)
Miss Jane Bird – Still alive (in Africa)
Bun-Lan Lim – Clawed
It-Beng Sia – Burned
Chioh Tan – Spiked
Hok-Seng Lau – Shot by Henry Brennan

Stewards on the Obra Dinn & Causes of death

Zungi Sathi – Shot by Charles Miner
Fillip Dahl – Burned
Paul Moss – Killed with a sword by Leonid Volkov
Samuel Galligan – Knifed by It-Beng Sia
Roderick Andersen – Crushed by a cannon
Davey James – Still alive (in Africa)

Midshipmen on the Obra Dinn & Causes of death

Peter Milroy – Exploded
Thomas Lanke – Knifed by Olus Wiater
Charles Hershtik – Burned

Topmen on the Obra Dinn & their cause of death

Omid Gul – Drowned by a beast
Timothy Butement – Shot with a gun by Edward Nichols
Huang Li – Electrocuted
Jie Zhang – Clawed
Li Hong – Speared by a beast
Wei Lee – Drowned by a beast
Nicholas Botteril – Speared by a beast
Maba – Torn apart by a beast
Lewis Walker – Clubbed by Robert Witterel
Leonid Volkov – Shot with a gun by Emily Jackson

Seamen on the Obra Dinn & their cause of death

Alarcus Nikishin – Drowned by a beast
Aleksei Toporov – Drowned by a beast
Nathan Peters – Drowned by a beast
Lars Linde – Clubbed by Nathan Peters
John Naples – Torn apart by Fillip Dahl
Renfred Rajub – Dies of illness
Abraham Akbar – Crushed by a beast
William Wasim – Crushed by cargo
Soloman Syed – Dies of illness
Hamadou Diom – Spiked
Henry Brennan – Knifed by Robert Witterel
Alexander Booth – Drowned by a beast
Patrick O’Hagan – Speared by a beast
George Shirley – Shot with a cannon by a beast
Samuel Peters – Crushed by cargo

And this is it! These are all the crew members in Return of the Obra Dinn, as well as their causes of death. Solving mysteries has never been as simple – but make sure to only check these names out when you are indeed stuck and can’t progress, otherwise it will take away most of the fun of the game.

Endless amounts of kudos djsnowboy267 on Steam for sharing this list with the world. You can check the link if you want to also see all their portraits and give him a thumbs up. Without him, this list would’ve been incomplete and less useful.

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