Minecraft Invalid Player Data Error: How to Fix

The Invalid Player Data Error message started to appear more and more often in Minecraft these days, with multiple players reporting it especially when playing online.

So today, I decided to come and help you try find a solution to the problem and see how to fix the Invalid Player Data error in Minecraft – it can be really frustrating and make you wish to be able to create a Potion of Harming in real life. Ha!

Minecraft Invalid Player Data Error Message

When playing the game, either in single player or multiplayer, you will get a message reading: “Connection Lost – Invalid Player Data” and the only option you have is “Back to Server List”.

You can check out the error message below:

minecraft invalid player data error

So… how to fix this strange error and what it means?

Invalid Player Data Error in Minecraft – How to Fix

This error message is believed to be related to corrupted game files. Most likely, these will occur when playing online and especially when playing with additional mods and plugins.

The biggest problem is that it can occur while playing Minecraft solo and it will bring you to the multiplayer menu.

There are a few potential fixes – I recommend you to try them from top to bottom, as the top ones are the most likely to fix the problem. Let’s begin!

IMPORTANT: Before attempting any of these fixes, I recommend creating a backup and/or copy of your world. The solutions you’re trying here for fixing the issue might cause other problems so it’s always good to have a backup.

1. Restoring a backup

In case you have a back-up of your world, you’re in for a treat. Simply restoring this backup will most likely fix the problem.

minecraft start screen

Of course, this mean that you will overwrite your world and any progress recorded since the back-up was created will be lost, but it’s the easiest way to fix this.

2. Remove all Playerdata files from your PC

Navigate to the save folder of your world. This is usually found in Local Disk (C: usually) – Users – YOURUSER – AppData.

Depending on whether you have Java edition or Bedrock, you will find them in a different folder (after getting to AppData, as instructed above):

Java edition: .Minecraft folder

Bedrock edition: Local – Packages – Microsoft.MinecraftUWP_something

From there, go to your world save folder and delete the files that DON’T have the .dat and .dat_old extension (you should also keep the levelname.txt and world_icon.jpeg files too).

Restart the game, load your world and your problem should be fixed,

3. Uninstall Mods and/or Plugins

This is the most difficult part to do as it requires a lot of trial and error. But the reality is that, if none of the methods recommended above work AND you are playing a multiplayer / server game, then one or more of the mods and/or plugins you’re using is causing the problems.

minecraft mods

Some of the plugins that I saw mentioned as potential causes for the Invalid Player Data error were the Libra addon, RER (Roughly Enough Resources) or having an outdated version of Optifine.

(Note: speaking of which, make sure to check my previous article about the Best Shader mods for Minecraft).

First, before you start uninstalling mods, make sure that you update them all to the latest version. This could also fix the problem.

If it doesn’t, start the tedious process of removing mods one at a time. Mot likely, it is just one mod that is causing the problem and once you find it, you can re-install the other mods you have deactivated and play.

Check our recommended mods for Minecraft Bedrock Edition to get some truly amazing and most likely error-free mods for your game!


In most cases, simply restoring a back-up of the world where you start getting the Invalid Player Data error message will let you continue playing your Minecraft world as if nothing has happened (but you’ll also lose progress since the backup was made).

If you don’t want to risk that – or if you don’t have a back-up saved, you should try sorting out the mods and making sure they’re all up to date. If the problem persists, eliminating them one by one until you find the culprit is the way to go.

And now you know what needs to be done to fix this problem. Enjoy playing!

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