Project Slayers: Blue Spider Lily Flowers Spawn Locations [Where to Find]

If you want to become a Demon in Project Slayers, you need Blue Spider Lily Flowers and today I am here to tell you where you can find them easily in order to complete the quest fast.

You will need to find 5 Blue Spider Lily flowers and give them to Muzan in order to complete one of his quests. They are relatively frustrating to find.

These flowers spawn in various places in the game’s world, and I will share the locations below – although as you can see, it can be pretty random.

Blue Spider Lily locations in Project Slayers

Blue Spider Lily Flowers location
Blue Spider Lily Flowers location image via outdone / Youtube.

You can find Blue Spider Lily flowers in various areas in Project Slayers. There isn’t a set location for these flowers as they tend to randomly spawn all over the map. But finding them will be easier if you follow these tips.

The most common place to find the Blue Spider Lilies is around the Kabiwaru Village. Simply exploring this area will help you get the five you need eventually.

If you can’t find enough here, your second best choice is the Butterfly Mansion. This is also where you can get one of the best weapons in the game, so it’s definitely worth visiting.

If you prefer to watch a video of a player finding the flowers to see exactly where you should spend your time looking for them, watch the short video below:

Blue Spider Lily flowers tend to spawn in other locations too, but the two mentioned above are the most common.

There’s no point in randomly wandering around the map searching for the flowers, since you have the best chances of finding all the ones you need here.

Just keep wandering around and keep your eyes out for shiny purple blobs – that’s what you need. You’ll find them eventually!

Once you collect all the five flowers that are needed to complete Muzan’s quest, head over to him and deliver them.

Since this means that you’re choosing the Demon route for your character, make sure to check out my guide on how to max out your Demon Power.


Finding the Blue Spider Lily flowers in Project Slayers is not very difficult per se, but it can become a bit frustrating as you have to roam around, trying to find where they spawn.

But at least now you know that the best places to find them are the outskirts of the Kabiwaru Village, as well as the Butterfly Mansion area. Visit them in this order and you’ll find them sooner rather than later. They’re easy to spot from a distance, as you will see them glowing in the dark.

If you managed to find a different area that spawns lots of these flowers, don’t hesitate to let us know by commenting below: you’ll be of great help for all players out there.

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  1. I found a blue spider Lilly flower and Muzan neer the village where you start aka Kiribating village, but I believe this is very rare spawn for both the flower and Muzan


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