Project Slayers: How to Get, Increase & Max Out Demon Power [Full Guide]

Project Slayers is an amazing Roblox game, one that allows you to either become a Demon Slayer or a Demon. If you choose the latter route for your playthrough, then you are probably wondering how to increase your Demon Power.

This is what we’re talking about today in my full guide to Demon Power in Project Slayers. We’ll learn how to get Demon Power (basically, how to become a demon) but also how to increase it and then max it out.

Project Slayers: Becoming a Demon & Increasing Demonic Power

project slayers maxing out demon power

You have to reach level 15 in the game in order to be able to select to become a Demon. If that’s the route you want to follow, you will need to complete Muzan’s quest.

He spawns across various locations in the game, so you will eventually find him. Once you do, accept his quest, complete it and you will become a Demon.

How to increase you Demon Power

The easiest way to increase your Demon Power in Project Slayers is to defeat NPCs in the game (Mizunotos and/or civilians) as well as other Human players and Demon Slayers.

You can also train your Demon Power by heading over to Butterfly Mansion and breaking gourds. Of course, the first mentioned method is a lot more fun – but if you’re up for some grinding, this will work well too.

How to max out your Demon Power level?

Currently, the maximum level for your Demon Power is 3. In order to get there, you need to progression points by doing the activities mentioned above.

You need 180 Points in order to reach Level 2, 360 Points for Level 3 and that bar can also be maxed out at 540 points (but you won’t get another level). Most likely, a new level will be released with a future update.

It’s not very easy to increase your Demon Power level, as you only get 1 points from defeating NPCs, while destroying other Human players (Demon Slayers) will give you 5 points per kill.

In order to make sure that you get the most out of fighting, go ahead and read my guide on how to get a sword in Project Slayers.

IMPORTANT! The Demon Power level is different from your character’s level, which increases constantly. You basically need to be at character level 15 to become a Demon in the first place!

Wrapping up

Increasing your Demon Power in Project Slayers is pretty straightforward. Becoming one might be a bit more challenging, since you need to reach level 15 first and then find Muzan.

But once you do all these, it’s basically grinding on destroying NPCs and other Human players in order to increase your Demon Power. Alternatively, you can go and break gourds in Butterfly Mansion.

If you have other questions about this topic, don’t hesitate to let me know by commenting below!

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