Moonstone Island Guide: Tips & Tricks to Play Better

Are you looking for the best tips and tricks in Moonstone Island to help you get started and thrive? This guide has you covered.

Moonstone Island can feel overwhelming at first since there’s so much you can do and the game doesn’t explain most of them. Thus, it’s easy to miss a lot of stuff until it’s too late.

In this Moonstone Island guide, I will list the best tips and tricks for beginners and veteran players to help you make the most out of your gaming experience.

Choose the Best Starting Spirit

Best tips and tricks in Mooonstone Island.

The first thing you must decide upon starting the game is which spirit to take. Overall, Capacibee is the best choice here, due to its amazing ability which allows it to revive itself upon death once per battle.

For more details, check out our guide on the best starting Spirit in Moonstone Island.

Don’t Use All Your Moonstones

Best tips and tricks in Mooonstone Island.

Moonstones are one of the most essential items in the game and they don’t respawn. There’s a finite amount of them on the map and they’re not easy to find.

Due to that, especially during the early game, it’s essential to spend your Moonstones carefully. I recommend prioritizing the Spirit Barn and the Broom early on before considering other upgrades.

Go Fishing

Best tips and tricks in Mooonstone Island.

Fishing is a side activity that doesn’t get mentioned much in the quests and is easy to miss. You can get a Fishing Rod in Moonstone Island by talking to Tobin at the start of the game for 200 gold.

Fish are easy to catch, restore a lot of stamina, and can be sold for a high price to Tobin if you want to make some quick money.

Focus on Quests

Best tips and tricks in Mooonstone Island.

There are many quests in the game and most of them offer useful rewards that shouldn’t be skipped. Due to that, when starting out, I recommend picking up any quests you can find and trying to complete everything.

You’ll unlock important items and upgrades early from quest rewards that will significantly enhance your gameplay.

Enable Always Sprint

Best tips and tricks in Mooonstone Island.

Open the Gameplay Settings and set ‘Always Sprint’ to ‘On’. This will make your character sprint constantly.

It doesn’t cost any stamina and will allow you to traverse the map faster, so there’s no reason to keep it disabled.

Build the Spirit Barn

Best tips and tricks in Mooonstone Island.

One of the best tips and tricks in Moonstone Island is to build the Spirit Barn. Once you get started, talk to Zed in the Science Center and you’ll start his quest.

He will request to find a level 5 Spirit and the best place to do that is in the Spring Temple. Upon completion, you’ll be able to build the Spirit Barn, which allows you to have more than three Spirits.

Catch Various Types of Spirits

Best tips and tricks in Mooonstone Island.

It’s important to level up skills that allow you to catch higher-level Spirits with varying types. This is essential as it will allow you to have all types of Spirits in your Barn and thus have access to more Spirit resources.

Keep in mind that if a Spirit has a locked heart symbol, it means that it needs a higher skill level.

Use Buffs and Debuffs

Best tips and tricks in Mooonstone Island.

During combat, while it may seem that damage-dealing cards are your best option, that’s not always the case.

Especially when faced with the toughest enemies and bosses, it’s important to use buff cards to empower your Spirits and debuff cards to weaken the enemy.

There are also various exploration buffs, such as gaining more resources from trees and rocks and being invisible. For more, check out our list of all potion recipes and their effects in Moonstone Island.

Talk with NPCs to Increase Relationship Level

Best tips and tricks in Mooonstone Island.

As you walk around the town and find various NPCs, always talk to them to increase your relationship level. If you’re just getting started, avoid the Flirt option (if you fail, you will reduce your relationship level) and use the other two.

Overall, dating and marrying NPCs is an important part of the game and you can find more about it in our Moonstone Island romance guide.

Claim Spirit Research Rewards

Best tips and tricks in Mooonstone Island.

Don’t forget to visit Zed at the Science Center often and claim your Spirit Research rewards.

It’s extremely easy to do, takes little to no time, and offers solid gold rewards based on your progress.

Wrapping up

To summarize, these are the best tips and tricks in Moonstone Island to help you get started.

With these early-game tips, you’ll be able to progress through your first days in the game without worrying about missing anything important.

What tip would you recommend for someone who’s starting now? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.


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