Moonstone Island NPCs You Can Romance & Gift Guide

Are you thinking of which NPC to romance in Moonstone Island and what their favorite gifts are? Here are all your options.

There are 11 characters in the game and all of them are romanceable. To romance them, chat, joke, and flirt daily, while also making sure to gift them their preferred items.

In this guide, I will explain how romance works in Moonstone Island and list all romanceable bachelors and bachelorettes available. Also, to make romance easier, I’ll list the best gifts for each character.

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Romance Explained in Moonstone Island

Mooonstone Island romance guide and best gift for each character.

To romance an NPC in Moonstone Island, you can interact with them every day and choose one of the following actions:

  • Chat
  • Joke
  • Flirt

Each has a different success chance, with Flirt having the lowest. When starting out, I recommend focusing on Chat and Joke only. Once you level up your relationship with a character, you’ll have increased success chances and be able to Flirt.

Keep in mind that if you attempt an action and it fails, you’ll lose relationship points.

Other than these actions, which can be completed every day, you can also gift items to NPCs once per week to increase their affection as long as it’s an item they like.

Also, another important aspect is matchmaker requests. Check out our guide on all character Spirit requests in Moonstone Island to find out the best Spirit for each NPC.

All Romanceable Characters and Their Favorite Gifts

In total, there are 11 bachelors and bachelorettes in Moonstone Island and you can romance any of them. Let’s examine them and their favorite gifts in turn.


Mooonstone Island romance guide and best gift for Cleo.

Cleo is the town’s historian and enjoys antiques that have some kind of historical value or interesting background, while she dislikes anything related to flowers due to her allergies.

The best Cleo gifts include:

  • Any Treasure Map
  • Coal
  • Old Boots
  • Books


Mooonstone Island romance guide and best gift for Ferra.

Ferra is the town’s blacksmith and will help upgrade your tools and craft ingots. Due to her work, she enjoys items related to ores and ingots.

Specifically, these are the best gifts for Ferra:

  • Iron Ore/Ingot
  • Copper Ore Ingot
  • Coal
  • Nimbus Plant


Mooonstone Island romance guide and best gift for Gaiana.

Gaiana is an herbalist and Ofelia’s co-worker. Due to her work, she enjoys plant and flower-related gifts and she’s extremely flexible in terms of favorite items. However, she dislikes fish.

The best gifts for Gaiana include:

  • Elemental Flowers
  • Yarrow
  • Fertilizer
  • Any other flower/plant

Combine these with our guide on the best answers for Gaiana dates to quickly increase your relationship level with her.

Magic Man/Waldo

Mooonstone Island romance guide and best gift for Magic Man/Waldo.

The Magic Man, also known as Waldo, is one of the most mysterious characters in the game that protects you throughout your journey on Moonstone Island. He enjoys food-related items, as well as gemstones, and dislikes low-value gifts.

Specifically, here are the best Magic Man gifts:

  • Beer
  • Coffee
  • Wine
  • Any Gemstone


Mooonstone Island romance guide and best gift for Ofelia.

Ofelia is a botanist and works with Gaiana. She enjoys crafted and flower-related gifts, while she dislikes any items that have to do with spirits.

The best Ofelia gifts are the following:

  • Clay
  • Cloth
  • Sea Glass
  • Flax Flower
  • Pinwheel Flower


Mooonstone Island romance guide and best gift for Ossono.

Ossono is the local bartender who helps to keep the tavern alive and working. She is friendly and enjoys any gifts related to alcohol and flowers.

However, she dislikes any food-related gifts, either that’s cooked meals or plain vegetables.

The best gifts for Ossono are:

  • Beer
  • Any Flower
  • Nimbus Plant


Mooonstone Island romance guide and best gift for Paolo.

Paolo is a carpenter at work and a musician in their free time. They enjoy creating things, be it furniture or music. Paolo prefers gifts related to work and hobbies while disliking food-related items.

The best Paolo gifts include:

  • Wooden Furniture
  • Clay
  • Popsilant
  • Wood


Mooonstone Island romance guide and best gift for Quill.

Quill is a part-time artist who works in the tavern with Ossono. He enjoys hot and hearty gifts while disliking any cold items.

Here are the best gifts for Quill:

  • Hot Pepper
  • Fire Flower
  • Fireball
  • Flameroot
  • Heat Plant
  • Cinderfish


Mooonstone Island romance guide and best gift for Rowan.

Rowan is the general merchant and your go-to person for selling and buying items. They enjoy spooky items and dislike almost anything else.

The best gifts for Rowan are:

  • Nightshade
  • Skeleplant
  • Mandrake
  • Ghostshroom
  • Bloodroot
  • Dark Spirit Egg
  • Baloon


Mooonstone Island romance guide and best gift for Tobin.

Tobin is the town’s fisherman and enjoys hanging near his shack by the beach. He enjoys any fish-related gift except the Zenfish, and dislikes any plant gifts.

Based on that, the best Tobin gifts are:

  • Any fish (especially Blobfish) – except the Zenfish
  • Seaglass
  • Flax Flower


Mooonstone Island romance guide and best gift for Zed.

Zed is the town’s scientist and spends his time researching the Spirits, similar to a Pokemon professor. His favorite gifts include spirit-related items while he dislikes mushrooms due to his allergies.

The best gifts for Zed are the following:

  • Beach Peace
  • Stonefruit
  • Applum
  • Grumpkin
  • Coffee
  • Flax Flower
  • Sparks

Wrapping up

To summarize this Moonstone Island romance and gift guide, these are all the romanceable characters in the game and their favorite gifts.

Interact with them daily, give them weekly gifts that they enjoy, and you’ll soon be able to flirt and even date them.

Which NPC are you going to date? What do you think about the diversity of characters in the game? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

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