Moonstone Island – Best Answers for Gaiana Dates

Are you looking for the best answers for Gaiana dates in Moonstone Island for all locations? Here’s everything you need to know.

While dating Gaiana, you’ll be able to take her to the Beach, the Tavern, the Hot Springs, or (later on) her house. In all cases, it’s important to choose the right answer to her questions if you want to increase your relationship level faster.

In this guide, I will list all Gaiana date questions and the best answers in Moonstone Island to help you have the best dating experience and be able to marry her fairly early in the game.

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Gaiana Beach Date

One date location can be on the beach. Here are all the questions and answers you’ll get on all four beach dates with Gaiana.

DateQuestionBest Answer
FirstDon’t you ever have anything to say?I’m a deep thinker.
SecondI’m sorry. I know I can be kinda…Defensive?
ThirdI don’t trust anything that spends all its time at the bottom of the sea. Creepy.That’s fine. I hate spiders.
FourthBut you’ve always stuck around, and that’s surprisingly nice.I’m glad you’ve warmed up to me.

Gaiana Hot Springs Date

Best answers for Gaiana dates in Moonstone Island.

If you decide to take Gaiana to the hot springs, here are the best answers to her questions.

DateQuestionBest Answer
FirstUh, so… being an Alchemist. Must be cool.It’s amazing! I’m so glad I took the risk.
SecondI wonder if I can hire her as my personal chef…Is that what you’re looking for in a partner?
ThirdIt smelled awful, and it didn’t look that good, either.What did your mom think?
FourthI’m just… terrified of having my heart broken again. I’m sorry.Take all the time you need.

Also, other than dates, make sure to complete all matchmaker requests with character spirits in Moonstone Island. Each spirit given will grant unique rewards and it’s well worth it.

Gaiana Tavern Date

If you prefer the tavern for dates, here are all of Gaiana’s questions and the best answers.

DateQuestionBest Answer
FirstIt’s too easy to make mistakes little by little. Like boiling a frog.I want to leave the world better than it was before me.
ThirdGo on. Ask me anything. I mean, nothing weird.Why did you choose to work with plants?
FourthI mean… I’m not nice to YOU.Prickly plants bloom slowly.

Gaiana Home Date

Best answers for Gaiana dates in Moonstone Island.

The home date is the most important and most intimate overall, so it’s important to be prepared with the best answers.

DateQuestionBest Answer
FirstAnd don’t sit on my bed. Or go in my closet. Or the-Hey. It’s okay. It’s just me.
SecondBuuuut I bet you don’t know who my other parent is, do you?But I bet you don’t know who my other parent is, do you?
ThirdI looooooo… EYELUHEWE.I love you too!
FourthI LOVE YOU!I’m so proud of you! I love you!

Wrapping up

To summarize, these are the best answers for all Gaiana dates in Moonstone Island.

With these answers, you’ll get the maximum relationship level bonus on each date and be able to romance Gaiana significantly fast.

Which one is your favorite date destination? Are you planning to marry Gaiana? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

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