Monster Hunter World: How to Enable Controller (Xbox One Controller, Dualshock 4 etc)

If you are trying to play Monster Hunter World using your Xbox One controller, your Dualshock 4 or any other type of controller, you might run into a problem. Namely, the game won’t recognize your controller and you won’t be able to play using it. However, there are fixes to use any type of controller with MHW and that’s exactly what we’re going to talk about today.

So let’s not waste time! Instead, let’s see how to use a controller in Monster Hunter World (Xbox One controller, Dualshock or other brand).

First things first. The first step is the same no matter what type of controller you’re planning to use.

Launch Steam and click the “Steam” menu button in the upper left corner, then select “Settings”.

In the new window, click “Controller” and then “General Controller Settings”.

You will be presented with a new window with various options, as seen below:

Now, the things you will tick depends on the type of controller you’re planning to use.

If you want to use an Xbox controller in Monster Hunter World, simply tick “Xbox Configuration Support”. For the Dualshock controller, tick “PlayStation Configuration Support”.

Finally, if you have a generic brand controller that you’d like to use in MHW, select “Generic Gamepad Configuration Support”.

Now click “Back” or simply close the window and click OK in the remaining window. You will have to restart Steam in order for the new settings to go into effect.

But once you do, you can launch the game and play it with controller support. It works with any brand that can be used on a computer, including an Xbox One controller or Sony’s Dualshock controller.

Calin Ciabai

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    • Want to plug & play MHW with controller easily ? Just buy any Xbox controller, use Big Picture mode, cluck it on the top right Steam window & tadaa you can just play it. No hassle..

  1. I have no idea why this isn’t working for me, I’ve been at it for a while now and nothing seems to work.


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