Monster Hunter World: How to Fix Server Issues and Problems (Error code 83, Error code 5038f)

Monster Hunter World is now available for PC, but unfortunately not everybody is having a problem-free experience. Many users complain about various server problems, connection problems and even black screen or disconnects when trying to play the game. This is frustrating, but we’re here to help. So in today’s article, we’re going to learn how to fix server issues in Monster Hunter World and get the full experience.

There are many potential fixes that you could try, but one of them is what most gamers seem to be able to put to good use. Here’s the Monster Hunter World server problems fix (for errors like the error code 83 or error code 5038f and more):

1. Go to your games library in the Steam App and right click Monster Hunter World and select Properties.

2. In the new window, under the “General” tab (opened by default), click “Set Launch Options”

3. Write the following code: -nofriendsui -udp

4. You can also try with other codes and see which one do a better job for you. So instead of the one recommended above, you can try typing -nofriendsui -tcp or -nofriendsui -udpforce

To make things even better and have even fewer server problems when playing the game, you should be the Host. This might work even if you are not, but being the host is a bonus.

The solution above has been listed on Chinese website Baidu – but it has been tested by gamers worldwide and said to be working. It’s not magic in all cases, but everybody who tries the fix above says that at least they get fewer server issues and problems when playing. Others have no more problems whatsoever. So do give this a try!

The main reason why this is happening is that the multiplayer matches in MHW are not peer to peer (person to person), but they also have to go through Valve’s servers which are located all over the world. The server you connect to depends on the host – so if the host of the game is in China and you’re playing from the US, you might have more connection problems than others. This is why you being the host improves things so much.

Either way, we hope that the fix listed above does help you at least reduce the numbers of server-reltated errors in Monster Hunter World, if not eliminate them completely.

If you manage to find another workaround to fix these problems, don’t hesitate to share your findings with us!

Calin Ciabai

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