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Mega Man Maker 1.1 Introduces New Weapons, Enemies, and More


Are you a Mega Man fan? Have you tried out Mega Man Maker? It’s exactly what it sounds like! You get all the tools to create your own NES-styled Mega Man levels, complete with bosses from the main games. It’s easy to use and the possibilities are endless – no die hard Mega Man fan should miss this opportunity!

The best part about this is that you’re able to upload your own levels to the MMM servers, and other players can play through them. Players can rate your levels, and the best levels will be featured on the front page of the level select screen! Make something great and lots of people will play! Of course, you can also opt to just to play through other peoples’ creations. There are some wacky crazy levels as you can expect, but there are some well designed levels here and there.

Today, Mega Man Maker has been updated to version 1.1. This version introduces a bunch of new stuff; new weapons have been added that include an altered time-stopping ability similar to Quick Man’s weapon from Mega Man 2. Mega Man is also sporting a new surfboard-type weapon that allows him to travel across water! There are new enemies, including the “big” type enemies as seen in Mega Man 2 and forward. There’s also a redesigned UI, both in-game and in-maker. Finally, this version also adds Ice Man and Time Man as level bosses. Utilize their powers to put a nice finish on your levels!

Want to try your hand at making a Mega Man level? You can download Mega Man Maker straight from the team’s website here. You can also visit the game’s official subreddit to preview other player’s levels before you try them out, and you can share them too!

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