Idle Skilling: Best Ascension & Rebirth Perks

Idle Skilling will require you to constantly be improving and getting better with this because each level will get harder and harder and more difficult for you.

That is why you’ll need to use the Ascension and Rebirth Perks. Stay tuned to find out which are the best.

Ascension and Rebirth are two things that you want to be doing constantly in the game. You will be going into super-mode with them once you’ve used them.

First comes Ascension and then Rebirth, which is the stronger version. Something like the potions in the game, which are very important, these two things are crucial too.

In this guide, we will be talking about the best Ascension and Rebirth perks and why you should use them. Let’s get started.

Best Ascension Perks in Idle Skilling

Once the Grasslands have been cleared, you can use the Portal to get to Ascension. 

Ascending will reset most of your levels and your progress in Fighting, but it will give you AP that you can spend on useful perks that will make your next runs better. 

There are two kinds of perks: those that you can get by completing zones in Fighting and those that you can get by completing Contracts and getting keys.

Ascending does not reset Fishing and Mining resources, Cards owned Contract progress, Secrets, gift shop perks from Raids, or any other levels or content in Crusades. 

When you ascend, you keep 20% of your souls.

Clear the Mist Perks

  • Excellent Timing – all cooldowns on skills end 10% faster
  • Banana Bonk – does (3000 + 200)% damage and takes (800 + 75)% of the monster’s cash
  • Trinket Tinkering – trinkets give +5% more damage bonus

Clear Mountains Perks

  • Idle Whirlind – There is a 10% speed boost for strikes made when idling
  • Weapon Savant – Weapons’ basic damage has a 5% increase
  • Skill Point Bonanza – Inflict 5% greater initial damage with your weapon

Clear Desert Perks

  • Idle Torment – With every improvement, your Idle Attacks will do 10% more damage
  • Monster Laundering – Half of Monster Drop Cash is increased with each Upgrade
  • Cashback Guarantee – Each upgrade gives you an extra 1% cashback on all cash you spend and an extra 10% starting cash

Clear Grasslands Perks

  • H2O Damage Boost – Every level of water gives an extra 0.5% health
  • H2O Accuracy Boost – Each level of water adds 0.5% more accuracy
  • H2O Health Boost – Every level of water gives an extra 0.5% health

Best Rebirth Perks in Idle Skilling

Similar to Ascension, but a more advanced way to get more permanent bonuses, but at a cost to your current progression.

After you clear The Mist, you can go to the Rebirth screen. 

You can also get there through the Portal. This feature has its own currency called BP. This is something like the Gems currency in the game.

Some perks are locked behind cyan keys that can be unlocked and the zone lock before it, but almost every other perk requires a certain amount of BP to be spent on the perks that came before it. 

You can’t use any of the Cyan Keys until you get to the Lunar Isle area. When you get to Maelstrom, you can use all four of them.

Dungeon Perks

  • Training Perks – unlock the 10 other Ascending perks that you cannot get from Ascend
  • Crystal Slots – unlocks crystals slots for mining 
  • Ungodly Contract – unlocks ungodly contracts

Purgatory Perks

  • Wasn’t aiming for ya – +1 max toggle, per toggle 20% crit +10% dmg
  • Potato Veins – +1 tilling starting level
  • H2O Kapow Kazaw – +1% damage over H2O level

The Bog Perks

  • Contract Shop 4 – unlocks contact shop 4
  • Cerebral Contract – unlocks cerebral contracts
  • Backdoor Bog – can only rebirth after reaching bog 2

Lunar Isle Perks

  • Bubble Bubble – +8% brew speed
  • H2O Money Bags – +1% cash per H2O level over 100
  • AP Extravaganza – +10% AP gain

Maelstorm Perks

  • Leviathan Contracts – unlocks leviathan contracts
  • Derelict Warcry – +20% damage
  • Pet Expertise – Increase XP gain for all pets

Oblivion Perks

  • All Star – Skill tree perks can be leveled up more

How to Earn BP Points

  • Unused AP, with a cap of 1500 BP (at around 5.5B AP)
  • The highest monster I could reach was 5000 BP
  • The most BP you can get from Tillers and Botany Pots is 1250
  • Botany has found a total of 576 flowers as of 576 BP
  • Total of unused tilling crops, with a limit of 750 BP
  • Various Cards

How to Earn AP Points

  • Total number of ores mined
  • Fish Caught in Total
  • All of the skill levels added up
  • Total Kills
  • Total Reps


Those are the best Ascension and Rebirth Perks and why you should be using them. 

Make sure that you will first of all farm a lot of BP and AP points before you start investing in your perks. I have also offered a couple of good ways how you can do so.

Once you do have enough points, you can go ahead and simply use all the perks that are mentioned above. You will become much better at the game with them.

I hope that this guide has helped you out to choose the best Ascension and Rebirth perks in Idle Skilling. Have fun using them!

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