Idle Monster TD: Monsters List, Details & Best Monsters

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I love playing Idle Monster Tower Defense and even though progressing through the levels is slower than I had initially anticipated, I’m up for the challenge and definitely loving it so far.

And today I decided to make it easier for you to plan your moves – or at least satisfy your curiosity – and share a list of the Idle Monster TD monsters, as well as a few thoughts that I have regarding the best monsters in the game and how to select these towers (because this is what they are, after all) in order to get a quick progress.

A few days ago, I also wrote an Idle Monster TD guide filled with tips and tricks to help you play a better game and make sure that you know and take advantage of all the in-game features and goodies so make sure to check it out as well.

Now, we’ll move on to the list of monsters in Idle Monster TD, with all the details that you need about them. Afterwards, we’ll talk about the best monsters.

I won’t insist on detailing everything about the more common monsters, simply because they become obsolete and useless really fast. Instead, I will focus more on the rarest monsters which are a bit more difficult to unlock and about which I am sure you’re curious to find out more.

Idle Monster TD: Common Monsters

For the first two categories of monsters, I will only share the screenshot where you have them all listed, with base damage and stats.

We’ll go more in depth with the rarer monsters, which require a bit more attention.

Idle Monster TD: Uncommon Monsters

Idle Monster TD: Rare Monsters

Idle Monster TD: Ultra Rare Monsters

Starting here, we’ll go a bit more in depth with the monsters: I will share with you their special skills and what they do. You have the base stats listed in the screenshots.

Spouter (Water type)

Pierce Shot 2: Deal 5x damage on this attack
Strength Aura 2: All water monsters in range get +20% damage

Fluffier (Air type)

Gold Lust II: Target enemy will drop 3x gold when killed.
Chance Aura II: All air monsters in range gain 3% critical hit chance.

Leafier (Earth type)

Splash II: Each attack deals 50% splash damage to all enemies within a certain radius.
Power Aura II: All Earth monsters in range gain +20% critical hit damage.

Burnerbunn (Fire type)

Burn II: Bur the enemy for 75% damage per second for 4 seconds.
Haste Aura II: All fire monsters in range gain +10% Attack speed.

Idle Monster TD: Legendary Monsters

Sea Mustang

Sluggish II: Slow the enemy by 75% for 4 seconds,
Haste Combo II: This monster gains +8% attack speed for each active Water Monster.


Lightning II: Deal 2x damage and slow all enemies within a 4m radius by 25%
Power combo II: This monster gains 15% critical hit damage for each active air monster.

Beary Fungi

Rock Smash II: Deal 3x damage to all enemies within a 5m range.
Chance Combo II: This monster gains 3% critical hit chance for each active Earth monster.

Fire Devil

Flame Bounce II: Attack bounces to 3 additional enemies, dealing 75% damage.
Strength Combo II: This monster gains 15% damage for each active Fire Monster.

Idle Monster TD: Mythic Monsters


Flooding II: Deal 50% Damage to all enemies on the map.
Strength Mastery II: All water monsters gain 20% damage.

Earsy Rider

Confussion II: Confuse the enemy, making it run backwards for 3 seconds.
Chance Mastery II: All air monsters gain 3% critical hit chance.

Chicken Pea

Stun II: Stun the enemy, freezing it in place for 3 seconds.
Power Mastery II: All earth monsters gain 20% critical hit damage.

And this is as far as I got at the moment. I’m still playing the game like crazy and I will make sure to update the article as soon as I have the additional details. If you have them already and you have unlocked the rest of the monsters, you can send over the details via the contact page.

Best Monsters in Idle Monster TD

You see that we have one of each type of monster in each rarity level. You can also easily see that each monster type is usually at least a little better than the same monster type in a more common category and definitely better that monsters available two rarity levels behind.

This further means that you should always start by placing your rarest monsters first. It rarely makes sense – even taking bonuses into account – to use a Ultra Rare monster if you have all Legendaries and Mythics available.

What you should look at instead is the various boosts that these monsters offer: for example, some give a certain damage boost if they are within the range of a monster of the same element. Some deal more damage the more monsters of the same type are on the map.

So the placement of your rarest monsters becomes more important: make sure that you place monsters of the same type close by if necessary, in order to get the boosts.

This would be our Idle Monster TD list of monsters so far – as well as some thoughts on how to select the best monsters in the game to get as far as possible through the stages. Any extra advice is welcome, so make sure to share your thoughts below.


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