Idle Monster TD Relics Guide & Best Relics in the Game

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Unlocking all relics in Idle Monster TD is a real challenge and in order to help you better plan your prestige spending, I have an Idle Monster TD relics list below, as well as a guide to relics and my thoughts on the best ones in the game.

Relics are the only things that you can unlock and upgrade with Prestige Points (which are received when you start over) and they are extremely important for your overall progress.

Unlocking all relics in Idle Monster TD is a real challenge because prices go up extremely fast, with the final relics requiring several resets and no spending just to unlock them.

So a list of all relics in the game is extremely useful, as it helps you better plan your moves and decide if you should save up for a new relic (hoping that you unlock one with an awesome effect) or invest in upgrading your existing ones.

Usually, you should balance unlocking and leveling up relics, but early on it doesn’t hurt to invest a lot in getting new ones, since they are cheap. Later on, unless you’ve been really unlucky and haven’t unlocked the top ones, it is usually a better idea to switch focus on upgrading relics instead of unlocking new ones.

With these in mind, let’s check out the list of relics in Idle Monster TD below, with the effects each one has on your game (some increases could be a bit off since it’s a lot of data to remember).

Idle Monster TD: List of Relics

  • Damage: Increase all Monster Damage by 20% per level
  • Crit chance: Increase Critical Hit chance by 1% per level
  • Crit damage: Increase Critical Hit damage by 10% per level
  • Range: Increase monsters’ shooting range by 3% per level
  • Boss Damage: Increase damage dealt to bosses by 3% per level
  • Skill Cooldown: Reduce auto skill cooldown by 2% per level
  • Kill EXP: Increase XP gains per kill by +1 per level
  • Enemy HP: Reduce enemy HP by 2% per level
  • Kill Gold: Increase gold dropped from kills by +1 per level
  • 2x Gold Chance: Increase chance for 2x gold drop by 1% per level
  • Unknown relic
  • Offline Gold: Increase offline gold earnings by 5% per level
  • Prestige Points: Increase Prestige Points Earned by 10% per level
  • Rarer Monsters: Increase chance to unlock rarer monsters by 1% per level
  • Hauler Essence: Increase Resource Hauler essence drop by 1 per level
  • Drone Cooldown: Reduce the Drone Swarm cooldown by 2% per level
  • Unknown Relic
  • Cargo Essence: Increase Cargo Carrier Essence Drop by 25% per level

Idle Monster TD: Best Relics

Now that you have a list of the relics that you can unlock in the game, it’s easier to decide in which to invest in order to improve your game. But if you want my advice and ideas, here are the best relics to focus on, in my opinion, from early game to the later stages.

It’s worth mentioning that at the moment of writing this article, I don’t have all relics unlocked (still missing 2), but I don’t think that they are game changers – one probably increases gold earned from bosses and the other one probably reduces Hauler time.

The most important two relics, early on on the game and long term are Damage and Range: you want both as high as possible, in order to get as far as possible in the game and increase all earnings.

Next, increasing your Prestige Points is essential for keeping these upgrades coming, as well as going for the Gold Increase upgrades: these are also essential, as the game won’t reward you with a lot of money and progress is really slow.

You will soon reach a point where newly unlocked relics will be very cheap compared to the amount you have on hand, so you will most likely be able to upgrade the other ones to a decent enough level while waiting to reach the next milestone – no matter if that is the amount required for unlocking a new relic or leveling up an existing one.

Don’t start saving Prestige Points too soon: instead, invest in what you have, especially if you have unlocked the top ones above. Having all relics at level 1 is definitely worse than having several of them at higher levels.

If you need more advice regarding the game, make sure to check out our Idle Monster TD tips and the list of best monsters in the game.


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