Fire Emblem Engage: All Characters You Can Recruit (And How to Do It)

Fire Emblem Engage includes a total of 36 playable characters that can be recruited during a playthrough.

While the majority of them are unlocked by progressing the game and thus can’t be missed, five characters have special requirements to unlock.

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In this guide, I will list all characters you can recruit in Fire Emblem Engage and explain how to unlock each of them.

All Recruitable Characters Through Progression in Fire Emblem Engage

Clanne, Alear, Vander, and Framme in Fire Emblem Engage.
Clanne, Alear, Vander, and Framme in Fire Emblem Engage.

All the following characters can be recruited while progressing the story. The only thing to keep in mind is that they are unlocked in different chapters.

  1. Alear – Prologue
  2. Vander – Chapter 1
  3. Clanne – Chapter 2
  4. Framme – Chapter 2
  5. Alfred – Chapter 3
  6. Etie – Chapter 3
  7. Boucheron – Chapter 3
  8. Chloe – Chapter 4
  9. Celine – Chapter 4
  10. Louis – Chapter 4
  11. Yunaka – Chapter 6
  12. Lapis – Chapter 7
  13. Citrinne – Chapter 7
  14. Alcryst – Chapter 7
  15. Amber – Chapter 8
  16. Diamant – Chapter 8
  17. Kagetsu – Chapter 11
  18. Zelkov – Chapter 11
  19. Bunet – Chapter 12
  20. Fogado – Chapter 12
  21. Pandreo – Chapter 12
  22. Merrin – Chapter 13
  23. Panette – Chapter 13
  24. Timerra – Chapter 13
  25. Hortensia – Chapter 14
  26. Seadall – Chapter 15
  27. Goldmary – Chapter 16
  28. Rosado – Chapter 16
  29. Lindon – Chapter 18
  30. Mauvier – Chapter 21
  31. Veyle – Chapter 22

Simply progress the story and you’ll unlock these characters. Since they are in the main story, they can’t be missed.

All Recruitable Characters with Special Requirements in Fire Emblem Engage

How to recruit Anna in Fire Emblem Engage.
How to recruit Anna in Fire Emblem Engage.

The following characters require completing certain side quests or talking to specific characters at the right time.

  • Jean – After finishing Chapter 5, head to Tea-Field Village and start the fight with Jean. Have Alear use the talk option and Jean will join your team.
  • Anna – First, reach Donation level three with Fierne (visit the Donations Bulletin Board at Somniel). Then, after reaching Chapter 7, engage in the paralogue mission named ‘A Mysterious Merchant’ and a paralogue battle named ‘Paralogue Bandits’ Hideout’. From there, open the middle treasure chest where Anna is hiding and have Alear talk to her.
  • Jade – In Chapter 9, during the ‘A Clash of Forces’ mission, have Diamant use the Talk ability on Jade before the mission is over.
  • Seadall – In Chapter 15, during the ‘Dancer in the Ruins’ mission, have Alear use the Talk ability on Seadall before the mission is over.
  • Saphir – In Chapter 19, during ‘The Dead Town’ mission, have Alear use the Talk ability on Saphir before the mission is over.

Keep an eye on the chapter for each of these five characters since they can easily be missed if one isn’t attentive to detail.

Wrapping up

To sum up, these are all the characters you can recruit in Fire Emblem Engage, as well as how to recruit them.

The majority of them can be unlocked through the main story, while others require talking to certain characters during specific missions.

Make sure to keep an eye out during Chapters 5, 7, 9, 15, and 19 for the characters that have specific requirements and you’re good to go.

Also, make sure to pack your characters with the right weapons. Consider checking out our guide on how to get the Levin sword in the game, which is a great early-game option.

Who’s your favorite character in the game? Will you try to unlock all characters? Let us know in the comments below.

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