Fallout 4 Unique Weapons: Where to Find General Chao’s Revenge Sword

We continue our series of Fallout 4 unique weapon locations with a brand new melee one (after the Furious Power Fist and Grognak’s Axe): General Chao’s Revenge.

This is an extremely spectacular weapon, especially because of the bonus it gives you when fighting robots. I don’t think you could take out a Sentry Bot with it, but it would sure be fun to try!

Either way, we’re talking about a great weapon for those who are into melee combat (or always without ammo), so let’s check out below where to find General Chao’s Revenge amazing sword!

Where to Find General Chao’s Revenge weapon in Fallout 4

Head south of the Museum of Freedom until you get to the Drumlin Diner. That’s the place where you can buy a ton of great supplies, but the weapons that stands out is exactly the one we’re talking about here: General Chao’s revenge, a beast of the sword that does 50& more damage to robots.

It’s also great against any type of enemy since it starts with 70 melee damage, so it’s one you have to get – for a price. It costs 2,000 caps to purchase, but it’s well worth the investment.

Here is what you’re going to get:

fallout 4 general chaos revenge

Looks really amazing and makes you feel like a samurai. Even better, causes a ton of damage and it’s one of my favorite melee weapons in the game. You really have to own this for all your melee combat situations!

Do you plan to get General Chao’s Revenge Sword or you’re keeping your caps for other weapons and ammo?

Calin Ciabai

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