Fallout 4 Mod Download: Commonwealth Shorts

This is by far one of the best mods that we’ve shared here on Modded Vault in terms of eye candy when it comes to the female characters in the game.

Although completely useless otherwise, the Commonwealth Shorts Fallout 4 mod is, in my opinion, a must have since it brings exactly what it says to the Commonwealth: several sets of shorts and beautiful clothing that the female characters in the game can wear in order to get us distracted from killing super mutants and helping settlements for our BFF Preston Garvey.

Jokes aside, we’re here to share with you all the details and download links you need for the Commonwealth Shorts mod for Fallout 4 so keep reading!

Mod info and description

– Sixteen new craftable commonwealth short outfits and seven new S.P.E.C.I.A.L. outfits.

– You can craft the outfits using any Chemistry Station under Shorts and Vault Girl categories.

– They require one adhesive, one leather and five cloth.

– They are fully upgradeable with ballistic weave and linings.

– They offer a base 25 damage and poison resistance plus 2 charisma.

– The shorts are standalone outfits and don’t replace any of the game files/outfits.

– You can use them on your character, any follower or settler.

Commonwealth Shorts Mod screenshots

commonwealth shorts mod 01
commonwealth shorts mod 02
commonwealth shorts mod 04
commonwealth shorts mod 03

How to download & install the Commonwealth Shorts Mod in Fallout 4

To enable modding you need to add the following lines to FO4 ini files:



To unlock ballistic weave without the prerequisites you can type in console:
set RailroadClothingArmorModAvailable to 1

Click here to download the mod.

This is it! Hope you have a great time using this mod and hopefully you’ll still be able to focus on doing your job after installing it!

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