Eternal Magic Guide: Beginner Tips & FAQs

Ever since I’ve started playing Eternal Magic, all that I could really focus on was the main story quests, because everything else seemed too complicated. Doing that, I’ve decided that eventually I will figure everything out about the game, and thus didn’t really bother with much other than leveling.

So once I’ve reached the level cap, I realized that there were just so many things that I’ve overlooked and done wrong, that I just couldn’t let that slide – so here I am, telling you a list of all the Eternal Magic beginner tips and tricks, as well as some FAQs that you need to know!

But don’t let yourself get overwhelmed by all the game content, because you will definitely pass all of it eventually! So just try to keep in mind the pointers that we’re giving you here in this article, and you’ll be just fine!

1. Find yourself a Mentor (or two!)

This is my number one tip. If you don’t know yet why, then you should take a look at our Mentorship guide, because there we’ve explained everything. But long story short, if you want a set of good H11 (Hero 11) equipment for free, just get yourself a Mentor or 2 (max number of Mentors a player can have) and once you’ve reached level 60+ you can ask them to get you the equipment chests.

2. Don’t invest into Luna (your first pet)

Even though you will make her easily 5 stars, it’s not worth it if you equip her with your best skills / pet gear, because she does not have a transformation, and there are other pets which will do much better than her.

You should check out our Eternal Magic pet guide for that, because there I’ve explained everything that you need to know in order to upgrade your pets and what you should and should not do when it comes to transforming them.

3. Get more Backpacks & Storage Boxes

Ever since the beginning of the game, storage has been kind of an issue for me, and I’m pretty sure for many other players out there too. But if you don’t want to pay 150 Elirs to unlock 5 more slots in your bag, then there are some free ways that you can do that.

There are certain quests that will reward you with Erudition upon completing them, so try to keep an eye on them whenever they become available. One of these quests is the Books Restoration from Benjamin Barton, in Vallund. This event will reward you with 1 Erudition for each correctly answered question.

Another way to obtain more Erudition is by doing the Airin Tanner Quiz whenever there is one available. The quiz has 20 questions, and for each question correctly answered, again, you will receive 1 Erudition.

Now another way to get more Backpacks and Storage Boxes (for Warehouse upgrade) is by randomly getting them at the Treasure Merchant. This NPC is situated in Vallund and he will refresh his wares daily, so keep an eye on the offers! Sometimes they will offer you Backpacks for Gold even!

4. One key for quick casting

In case you haven’t paid attention at the game’s tutorial, or maybe you tried out various setups in the game’s settings, you might have missed there being a quick cast button! Well, whether you have it or not, you can check it right now!

Head on to the System (ESC) -> Gameplay -> Make sure you have selected “Enable Battle in 1 click”. That will let you quick cast your skills by pressing one key: F. It’s a super useful tool in PvE, but for PvP I don’t really recommend it, because it might not use the right skills for the situation. (PvP is slightly more complicated).

5. Turn on the damage meter

If you want to know how much damage you’ve dealt, you have the option to activate the damage meter. That can be opened from the System (ESC)-> Gameplay -> Battle -> There you can select the “Battle Stats” option to activate the damage meter in the bottom left side of the screen.

6. Join a guild for plenty of perks

There are a ton of features which are enabled once you join a guild, so let me list a few of them, which are worth joining a guild even if you are alone in it (well, not really, but you get the point).

Firstly, by joining a guild you are able to learn a secondary crafting skill! That is super good because it will let you make Silver much easier, by crafting more goods and selling them at the Banker.

Secondly, when you join a guild you will have access to Guild Blessings, which are skills that you can select weekly and they will grant you some extra stats. Whether you want to deal more damage, gain more EXP, or ride faster, there is a skill for everything!

These are just a couple of the perks of being in a guild. There are a ton more, but we might feature that in an upcoming article. For now, just focus on finding a guild that’s right for you because it will make a big difference.

7. Don’t sell your unwanted runes – instead, exchange them!

There are quite a lot of Runes in the game, but not all of them are right for your class / character. Now you can, of course, choose to sell them in the Mall for Gold, but if you do that you might end up just wasting Gold even if you sell them.

That is, because certain Runes such as Crit Dmg cost more than the RES Runes, so even if you sell them, you will lose Gold by buying the others. What you should do instead is head on to the Rune Master and select the [Rune Replacement] option. There you can place your unwanted runes in and, for the price of 1 Rune Replacement Token, you can exchange an unwanted Rune for any Rune that you want.

So keep in mind: Don’t sell the Runes, instead exchange them!

8. Enchant your gear for free up to lvl 60

One thing which you might or might not know is that gear enchantment is free up to level 60. You should therefore go ahead and enchant every piece of equipment that you have, because it will make leveling a lot more easier.

After you have received gears which are level 60+, enchanting them will not be free anymore, which is why it’s an important feature to help you in the early game.

9. Share with your alts

If you have more than 1 character on your account, you are able to temporarily share the Spirit Level and Tactical Level of your higher character with the alt. That is useful if you want to do certain things on the alt and it requires it to be stronger.

However, the one main thing that you need to know about this is that while the sharing is active, the character sharing will have them unavailable! So you can activate them at any time, give them to the alt when you log in, and then cancel them when you go back on the main!

Now apart from these Eternal Magic tips and tricks, there are a few Eternal Magic FAQs that some of the people in game, me included, would really like to know, or better said – would have loved to know earlier! Here they are:

Eternal Magic – How to upload avatar?

The game has this very fun option of allowing you to upload an avatar and receive Likes / Charisma from players in game, allowing you to rank up according to that (in a special Ranking). To upload an Avatar, simply open your Friends menu (hotkey “O”) and in the small icon underneath your character name, you will see a check mark.

Click on the check mark and it will pop up a new window which will allow you to upload a picture. It will take 1-2 days for the picture to get verified by the staff. After that, a pink ribbon will appear next to your name (if you are a female character) or a white one (if you are a male character).

After doing so, you can share your avatar with the others and get likes! Just remember, if you choose to upload the photo from the “Avatar” option, it will NOT let you share it with the others and receive Likes!

How do I recover Energy?

After you’ve crafted a few things (maybe more than a few actually) you will start running low on Energy. This can be recovered in several ways, so let me list them down for you:

– You can recover Energy when you go back to your Villa, talk to the NPC there (Susie) and select the option “Rest”. That will return some Energy back to you.

– You can earn Energy from opening Hevenly Chests (Diya’s Chests in Odom)

– You can replenish Energy by doing Patrol quests.

– You can recover energy by doing Mercenary quests.

– You can use Energy Pills.

– You can do instances.

– You can join Guild Feast event.

These would be some of the Eternal Magic FAQs and tips that we have for you right now! Do you want to know something else about the game? Leave your questions down in the comments section below!

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