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Epic Games Shuts Down Paragon April 26

Another MOBA bites the dust, unfortunately. In a news article today on the Epic Games website, the Paragon team has announced that they are officially shutting down the game in a couple months on April 26.

Paragon was Epic Games’ first foray into the ever volatile MOBA scene. Featuring extremely detailed maps and heroes, the game’s presentation definitely wasn’t lacking. In terms of gameplay, the game could be compared closely to Hi-Rez’s Smite, as both games featured a third-person perspective with an over-the-shoulder camera, putting you directly in the action. There was an emphasis on fast-paced action, and Paragon pulled it off pretty well.

Sadly though, Paragon saw a massive decline in players over the past couple months, and if you’ve been keeping up with mainstream gaming news, you can probably guess why. That’s right – it was Epic Games’ own Fortnite that dethroned Paragon. After including the PUBG-like Battle Royale mode into Fortnite, the game blew up in popularity, mostly thanks to it being free-to-play.

After some “internal debates,” we can probably conclude that most of the team working on Paragon has been moved to Fortnite. Regardless, Epic Games’ intends to take full responsibility for the closure, and what this means for players is that anyone who purchased anything in Paragon is eligible for a full refund. If this means you, you can head on over here to their Support Center to put in a request.

It’s always sad to see a game shut down their servers, but some may say that Paragon was ill-fated from the beginning due to an over-saturated market. Of course, we wish Epic Games’ luck with their ongoing success with Fortnite and eagerly await whatever project they may come up with next.

Paragon will continue to operate until April 26, 2018, at which point the game will go down for good.

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