Ryu And Sakura Jump Into Monster Hunter World

Capcom’s celebrated Monster Hunter series has just debuted its latest game Monster Hunter World, and it’s already enjoying incredible success with 5 million copies shipped worldwide. We’ve already heard that most of the DLC coming in the future will be free content updates, and the first of the batch has already been announced. Though… we never saw this coming.

Fellow street fighters Ryu and Sakura have joined the fray in this wacky collaboration event! The first round of the Street Fighter V collaboration event features a quest called “Down the Dark, Muddy Path”. This 3-star quest requires you to hunt a Barroth in the Arena. You’ll receive special items that will allow you to craft the armor set that makes you look like Ryu!

This special event quest will be available for download during February, but if you’ve got PS4 save data for either Street Fighter V or Street Fighter V Arcade Edition, you’ll be granted early access to the quest at the beginning of February.

As an additional bonus, more guild card backgrounds and titles will be available for download, and as you’ve probably guessed they’ll also be Street Fighter-themed. There’s also a separate set of paid DLC in the form of gestures and a sticker set. The gestures include Ryu’s iconic Hadoken and Shoryuken, while the sticker set has nice stickers of Street Fighter V characters.

The next round of this collaboration event will of course feature the armor set that turns you into Sakura donned in her new outfit. The date for the second round hasn’t been announced yet, so sit tight and get ready to grab the Ryu armor first!

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