Enchanted Portals Bosses: How to Beat Them All

If you are having a tough time against the nine unique bosses in Enchanted Portals, I will show you how to best counter them. In this guide, I will go over how to beat all bosses in Enchanted Portals.

Rookie magicians Bobby and Penny find themselves stuck between dimensions. You will travel through six unique enchanting worlds, to reclaim the Magic Book.

These six worlds, feature nine bosses, that you will have to take down.

  • Meowitch
  • The Cow
  • Haarmit
  • The Princess
  • Bull
  • Rocky
  • Conductor
  • Cerberus
  • Book of Magic

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Enchanted Portals: Knowledge Before Starting

Before tackling the bosses, you need to keep in mind, that throughout the game, most of the bosses will have three phases.

The three final bosses should be considered a boss rush because if you end up dying at any point, you will have to restart the whole gauntlet again.

Next, your main source of damage is the three magic bullets you will use.

  • Fire is the all-around magic, with good rate of fire and decent damage
  • Ice is the heavy hitter, with a slow rate of fire but the highest damage
  • Wind is the easiest magic to use, with a spread pattern but the lowest damage of the three

You can switch between the three different magic bullets with ease, and be ready to counter the bosses.

Enchanted Portals: Meowitch Boss


Meowitch is the first boss you will encounter.

  • Phase 1

In the first phase, the battle is pretty straightforward. The Witch moves back and forth and throws cats from her moon that charge in either direction.

  • Phase 2

In the second phase, the Witch starts brewing in her cauldron. Snakes will come out of the cauldron, and you will need to jump over them. At the same time, bubbles come out of the cauldron as well.

The red bubbles can be avoided easily, but the green bubbles will pop, and drop geen acid below them.

  • Phase 3

In the third phase, the Witch enters the cauldron and sets fire to the sides of the stage. She also throws acid bats at you, you will have to dodge. There is a small cheese strategy because if you stand close to the fire you can avoid it by not moving most of the green bats.

Enchanted Portals: The Cow Boss


The Cow is the second boss you will encounter.

  • Phase 1

In the first phase, the battle is easy to learn. There are two ufo, that go back and forth that you can dodge easily.

Other than that, make sure to keep an eye out, at both the floor and the ceiling, where the red squares are. Try to keep a distance from them to easily get by.

  • Phase 2

In the second phase, the Cow becomes a DJ, and you will have to avoid the tiles that light up. They will eventually fall, but other than that you have nothing to be afraid of.

  • Phase 3

In the third phase, you ride your magical broomstick, and you fly around the map. Ufos fly in a straight line shooting at you. The Cow has a gun, that fires fire bullets that grow in size, and when they reach the back explode into four smaller ones.

The more you damage the Cow, the more cybernetic parts it will get.

  • An Eye cover that shoots a laser
  • The Utters will turn mechanical shooting bullets
  • The Tail will start firing a laser at the bottom
  • The arm with the gun will turn into a laser cannon

Enchanted Portals: Haarmit Boss


Haarmit is the third boss you will encounter.

  • Phase 1

The first phase much like before is easy to learn. The ship on top of its back will shoot piranhas that will swim across the sand. They will go all the way to the left, and then back to the right. At random intervals, the coconut tree will shoot three coconuts.

  • Phase 2

In the second phase, you are pulled underwater and fight an octopus. Each one of its arms holds a different weapon, and they are all used. Keep your distance to avoid dealing with the close-range weapons it’s holding.

Also, including everything random swordfish will swim across the middle of the stage.

  • Phase 3

In the third phase, the ghost of Haarmit comes back to haunt you. It has two moves to avoid. Blowfish will fall from the top, and a max of three can only be in your way at a time. They leave enough room to avoid them.

The other attack is a school of piranhas swimming diagonally. They are imbued with different magic types, so avoid them as best as you can.

Enchanted Portals: The Princess Boss


The Princess is the fourth boss you will encounter.

  • Phase 1

The first phase, has you jumping on three lilypads while avoiding three types of frogs. The normal frogs are jumping toward the princess, the flying frogs dropping potions when they are above you, and the frog princes parachuting from the top.

  • Phase 2

In the second phase, a frog kisses the princess and turns her into a frog. Two new dragonfly platforms appear above the lilypads. You will spend the most time on top of the dragonfly unless you see the Princess’s tongue punch.

A frog prince will also pull lilypads underwater limiting your platforms, and the flying frogs will still throw potions when they get above you.

  • Phase 3

In the third phase, the Frog Princess will jump into the water taking all the lilipads with her. You will get a third dragonfly to stand on. The frog prince pulls a catapult, in place of the princess. He catapults a frog fairy, that throws flowers that you have to avoid.

Follow the bubbles on the water’s surface, and shoot the Frog Princess’s face before she blows a kiss at you to hit you.

Enchanted Portals: Bull Boss


The Bull is the fifth boss you will encounter.

  • Phase 1

The first phase has a pretty easy pattern to learn. You will need to avoid the three bullets that come at an arc from the three crows on the back of the Bull.

The crow on the road will shoot when you are on top of it, and be mindful that the bullet falls back down. The last thing to keep in mind is that an eagle flies across the screen at random intervals.

  • Phase 2

In the second phase, the Bull comes held up in the air by the crows holding a battling gun. The battling gun fires cacti that shoot needles both on top and below them.

The crow will keep walking back and forth when you are above it, and the bullet will also fall back down. Lastly, the eagle keeps coming across the screen at random intervals.

Enchanted Portals: Rocky Boss


Rocky, is the sixth boss you will encounter.

  • Phase 1

The first phase, sees Rocky love his reflection a little too much, and then shoot small light arrows at you. Once they hit the ground, two more horizontal arrows will appear going in both directions.

  • Phase 2

In the second phase, seers Rocky wear Legionnaire armor, and summon troops to run at you. There are also spears along the path you stand on, that shoot off the ground. Also, when you go close to the middle to shoot at Rocky the two little creatures in the column will shoot at you.

Realistically though, you just have to stand at the left side of the stage, evade the incoming attack, double jump to avoid the spears, and keep shooting. Rocky won’t be able to do anything to you.

  • Phase 3

In the third phase, Rocky dresses up as a caveman and summons dinosaurs to rush at the player. It is extremely simple, to see coming, because both walking, and flying dinosaurs will start at the edge of the screen, and if you are in the middle you will be able to dodge out of the way.

Enchanted Portals: Conductor Boss


The Conductor is the beginning boss of the boss rush.

He only has one phase as a fight, so you will need to just understand the pattern.

In the background, the conductor will press piano keys, and when the cords are stuck two pink shockwaves will go out in both directions.

The other thing to take note of is that notes fall from the top of the stage. You can shoot them down, but if they reach the bottom of the screen they will start running at the bottom from one side to the other.

Enchanted Portals: Cerberus Boss


Cerberus is the second boss of the boss rush.

It also has only one phase and a pretty simple one at that. Each one of the three heads has a distinct attack, while attached to the body.

  • The Chihuahua head has a flame breath that hits around the middle of the screen
  • The Pug head sleeps, and a snot bubble flies around the middle of the screen and then pops
  • The Shiba Inu head shakes, and a tornado is thrown at an arc toward the player

Despite their individual attacks, each head can detach and start running from the body to the left side, and back to the body.

Enchanted Portals: Book of Magic Boss


The Book of Magic is the final boss of the boss rush and the game.

  • Phase 1

In the first phase, the book will float at the top of the screen. It will glow a specific color, that you need to shoot it with. Other than that the book will use attacks from all the bosses up to this point through the fight.

  • Phase 2

In the second phase, the book changes into a tree, and you are changed into a squirrel. The tree will use only two attacks, which can be pretty devastating.

Nuts will fall fast, and cause a small explosion around them. Also, parachuting Squirrels will come down making it hard to find a safe spot to stand on.

  • Phase 3

The third phase, has the book turn into a wizard blonde boy with a wand. It only has three attacks, but you will need to react accordingly to make sure you survive. The easy way is to take notice of the color of the wand.

Depending on the color, the following attacks will follow.

  • Red Color: A small fairy with a candle appears on the top left, and she will blow firey orbs diagonally ahead, directly below, and diagonally behind her. (Only one can be on screen before a new one can appear.)
  • Green Color: A small fairy appears on the bottom left, and she uses her fan to blow small cyclones in a straight line. (Only two can be on screen at the same time.)
  • Blue Color: A small fairy on a sleigh with an ice reindeer, runs from the bottom right to the other side of the stage.

Final Thoughts

Knowing what to expect when going up against a hard boss can be half the battle. It gives you time to prepare, and also see attacks coming with enough time to react.

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With different tips and tricks on how to beat all the bosses in Enchanted Portals, you are ready to take them on. Let us know in the comments down below which boss gave you the most trouble.


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