CodyCross Answers for Planet Earth – Group 2 (All Puzzles Solved!)

We are back with a few more CodyCross answers for our readers. This time, we’re going to check out the complete solution for the CodyCross Planet Earth Group 2. We have 5 more puzzles to solve and they’re all great.

As you probably remember, I became addicted to this game a while ago and decided to share my walkthrough for CodyCross as I play and solve all the levels. You can check out the answers for Planet Earth – Group 1 here in case you need help.

And even though it took me a bit more than anticipated to solve all the 5 new puzzles in my crosswords adventure, I finally did it and I am here to share the results. So let’s just do that! Let’s check out the CodyCross Planet Earth – Group 2 answers below!

CodyCross Planet Earth – Group 2 – Puzzle 1 answers

Next in line after tenth: Eleventh
Exceptionally rare type of trumpet: Firebird
Santa’s flying four-legged helper: Reindeer
– Intimate women’s apparel; lace, silk or satin: Lingerie
– Person who creates or sells artificial hair cover: Wigmaker
– Liquid put on salads or other foods: Dressing
– Abbot and __, American comedy duo: Costello
– Advance beyond established parameters: Encroach
– Tree whose name means “fig-mullbery” in Greek: Sycamore
– Item used to cool engine in a car: Radiator
– Involves general ideas, it’s not concrete: Abstract

CodyCross Planet Earth – Group 2 – Puzzle 2 answers

– Return, go back to an earlier behavior: Regress
– Term for male spouse: Husband
– Statue of __; US pride; present from France: Liberty
– Collagen used in products from candy to cosmetics: Gelatin
– Someone who trespasses to catch animals illegally: Poacher
– Item from the past, not modern: Antique
– Bram Stoker’s most famous book: Dracula
– Huge shark-like creature of Japanese mythology: Isonade
– Large soft fabric used as bed covering: blanket
– Small breed of dog named after an island: Maltese
– Dakota __, actress in Fifty Shades of Gray: Johnson

CodyCross Planet Earth – Group 2 – Puzzle 3 answers

– A small wooden home placed on trees for animals: Birdhouse
– Mechanical piece used to spray water: Sprinkler
– The story of somebody’s life: Biography
– Something the devil can cite for his purpose: Scripture
– Picturesque Greek island on Aegean Sea: Santorini
Board game with balls and holes: Bagatelle
So easy to operate that it’s impossible to go wrong: Foolproof
Coconut, sweet confection popular in Caribbean: SugarCake
A __, a good luck charm; should be hung facing up: Horseshoe
Not clear, questionable: Equivocal
Famous British weekly: Economist
US retired track and field athlete: CarlLewis
Medieval engine of war with a sling: Trebuchet
Wireless network that can be used to transfer data: Bluetooth
Someone you tell secrets to: Confidant
Artificial supports or braces for a body part: Orthotics
Sang songs to impress or win someone’s heart: Serenaded

CodyCross Planet Earth – Group 2 – Puzzle 4 answers

__ of Miletus, early Greek philosopher: Thales
Nearly 25,000 perished constructing this canal: Panama
Tobacco ash left in the pipe after smoking: Dottle
Housebuilding animal whose teeth never stop growing: Beaver
GIF: Graphics Interchange __: Format
He is known for his mathematical lithographs: Escher
Dairy product made by churning milk: Butter
Karen __, author of Out of Africa: Blixen
What astronauts use to go into space: Rocket
Popular Mexican destination: Cancun
Arranging papers in order: Filing
Greek city-state depicted in the film 300: Sparta
Image, video hosting site bought by Yahoo in 2005: Flickr
Country music legend, cannabis activist, __ Nelson: Willie
TV show about a Boston bar; famous opening song: Cheers

CodyCross Planet Earth – Group 2 – Puzzle 5 answers

Item brought into another country to be sold: Import
Interstellar cloud of gas and dust: Nebula
Life used to be gloomier before him: Edison
A tree that weeps: Willow
Lego Batman 3: __ Gotham, released in November 2014: Beyond
Capital of Cook Islands: Avarua
Sauce commonly served with fish sticks: Tartar
Gary __ almost played General Grievous in Star Wars: Oldman
Person with special knowledge in a subject: Expert
Also referred to as Scottish language: Gaelic
Stocking holder used in wedding tradition: Garter
Anagram of sprite: Priest
Game of skill, throwing rings over blocks: Hoopla
Puzzle, enigma with veiled meaning: Riddle

This is it! We have now completed the second group in the Planet Earth stage – but we’re still a long way away from completing the game.

However, it will now be a lot easier to find the correct answers since I’ll keep publishing new articles for you. So check back often to progress faster!

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