Dredge: How to Get Research Parts

Dredge - How to Get Research Parts

Research Parts are an essential component in Dredge as they allow you to research new items and progress in the game. Research parts can be gained randomly when dredging, or bought from the Merchant at … Read more

Volcano Princess: Duel vs Debate Drops

Volcano Princess - Duel and Debate Drops

When interacting with some NPCs players have the option to either debate or duel with them. They can’t do both actions, and not every character can be challenged to a duel. Winning in a Duel … Read more

Volcano Princess: Nina Gifts Guide

Volcano Princess Nina Gifts Guide

Nina is one of the romanceable characters in Volcano Princess and players can max her relationship level by giving her gifts. Maxing Nina’s relationship will allow players to get the Nina’s Bride ending where they … Read more

Volcano Princess: Mona Gifts Guide

Volcano Princess Mona Gifts Guide

Mona is one of the characters players can increase their relationship with and befriend in Volcano Princess. To do that, they’ll need to give her the appropriate gifts. In this Volcano Princess guide, I will … Read more

Volcano Princess: All Recipes (Cooking)

All Cooking Recipes in Volcano Princess

There are various cooking recipes in Volcano Princess that help increase Action Points, Mood, or other core attributes. However, it’s not exactly clear how to make each recipe and what its effects are. In this … Read more

Wartales: Best Ranger Build

Best Ranger Build in Wartales

The Ranger is the strongest DPS unit in Wartales and can take down any enemy quickly. This build focuses on increasing the Ranger’s burst damage as much as possible. Overall, the best Ranger build in … Read more

Wartales: Best Swordsman Build

Best Swordsman Build in Wartales

The Swordsman is the best tank unit in Wartales and this build focuses on creating the strongest frontline unit possible for your party. The best Swordsman build in Wartales involves using this class as a … Read more

Wartales: Best Brute Build

Best Brute Build in Wartales

The Brute serves as a bruiser unit that combines damage and survivability while also being able to apply debuffs on foes. The best Brute build allows you to deal solid AoE damage and consistently apply … Read more