Honkai Star Rail: Best Bronya Build

Best Bronya Build in Honkai Star Rail

Bronya is one of the best buffers in Honkai Star Rail as she increases ATK and Crit Damage of allies, while also allowing one ally to act more than once per turn. Overall, Bronya is … Read more

Honkai Star Rail: Best Yanqing Build

Best Yanqing Build in Honkai Star Rail

Yanqing is one of the strongest single-target DPS units in the game and is an ideal option for your party when enemies are weak to Ice damage. Overall, Yanqing is a great asset for your … Read more

Honkai Star Rail: Best Characters (Tier List)

Honkai Star Rail: Character Tier List - Best Characters in the Game

There are 23 playable characters currently available in Honkai Star Rail and players have been wondering which ones perform better overall. While characters serve various roles and everyone can be useful, some manage to stand … Read more

Dredge: How to Get Research Parts

Dredge - How to Get Research Parts

Research Parts are an essential component in Dredge as they allow you to research new items and progress in the game. Research parts can be gained randomly when dredging, or bought from the Merchant at … Read more