Can VR Games Be Played without VR Headset? (Complete Answer)

Are you lacking a VR headset but still want to play VR games? Fortunately for you, it is possible to play some VR games without a VR headset.

While some games have been developed specifically for VR and can’t be accessed without a headset, most VR games are designed in a way that allows everyone to experience them.

In this guide, I’ll show you how to find out if your game can be played without a VR Headset. I’ll also go through some of the best VR games in the market that don’t require a VR headset.

Can VR Games be Played without VR Headset

Oculus VR Headsets lined up.

As mentioned in the intro, the short answer is ‘it depends on the game’. The majority of VR games are made to be accessible by everyone, even those who don’t have VR headsets.

Therefore, there’s a high chance the VR game you’re looking at can be played without a VR headset.

However, if a game is a VR exclusive and requires a Headset, trying it without a VR headset isn’t a good idea. It hinders your experience significantly and is not meant to be played without a VR headset.

Similarly to games, many movies can be watched with a VR headset to make the experience more immersive. Consider checking our guide on the best VR headsets for movies in 2022.

How to Tell Which Games Can Be Played Without VR

There are no magic tricks here. The best way to tell if your game can be played without VR is by googling it.

For instance, Beat Saber, one of the most famous VR games, is a VR exclusive. This means that it can’t (or at least shouldn’t) be played without a headset.

On the other hand, Resident Evil 7 Biohazard is fully playable without a VR headset.

Of course, you can try playing VR-exclusive games without a headset. There are always community mods that provide workarounds.

However, it won’t be as good, since the developers made the game solely with the VR concept in mind. In such a case, I recommend against trying VR-exclusive games without a VR headset.

Best VR Games That Don’t Require a VR Headset

If you don’t have a headset but want to get a taste of VR games, there are certain options.

While you won’t get the full immersive experience, you can check the games and decide afterward if the extra immersion is worth buying a VR headset.

Resident Evil 7 Biohazard

Resident Evil 7 Biohazard house entrance

Resident Evil 7 Biohazard is considered one of the most atmospheric games of the Resident Evil franchise to date. It combines the elements of horror, story, and exploration in a unique and immersive way. 

While a VR headshot would climax the immersion, Resident Evil 7 Biohazard allows for an amazing playthrough even without VR.

The world is full of details, and the horror elements are more than enough to keep you on edge.


Dragon in Skyrim on top of a building

There’s not much to say about Bethesda’s masterpiece that has stood the test of time. While it does have a VR version available, most players have enjoyed the original, non-VR Skyrim.

Famous for its almost infinite content, both including world details and mods, Skyrim is a must-try for anyone who enjoys role-playing games.

The VR experience is only the cherry on top, and isn’t necessary in any case to enjoy the game.

Green Hell

Looking for food in Green Hell.

Green Hell is a unique addition to this list since it’s a more recent game and belongs to the survival genre.

Although players were skeptical during its launch back in 2019, constant updates and improvements make it one of the best survival games to date.

While a VR system would further strengthen the immersion of surviving in the uncharted Amazon jungle, the game’s difficulty, unique elements, and various enemies make it a great choice even for those who lack VR systems.


Some VR games can be played without a VR headset, while others are VR-exclusive. Playing VR-exclusive games without a VR headset will significantly hinder the players’ experience, even to a point that makes the game unenjoyable.

However, VR games that aren’t exclusive can (and should) be tried out by players without VR headsets.

After all, that’s why they aren’t exclusive. Just make sure to check before getting a game if it’s exclusive or not.

Which game are you thinking of trying? Let us know in the comments below.


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