Best Weapons in Nightingale – Tier List

This Nightingale weapons tier list will go through the best weapon choices to ensure you’re dealing the highest damage.

Overall, the best weapons in Nightingale are the Chassepot Rifle, the Ornate Maul, and the Eclair ‘Paradox’ Shotgun.

Let’s go through all weapon choices, starting from the best ones.

S-Tier (Best Weapons in Nightingale)

Best weapons in Nightingale - tier list.

S-Tier choices are end-game weapons that stand out due to their exceptionally high stats. If you have unlocked everything and can craft anything you want, these are your best options overall.

  • Chassepot Rifle
  • Ornate Maul
  • Eclair ‘Paradox’ Shotgun

Chassepot Rifle

The Chassepot Rifle is a two-handed melee weapon with the highest ranged damage in the game if you’re interested in long-range combat.

It sacrifices magazine size for damage, range, and precision and will allow you to snipe and even one-shot most enemies.

Ornate Maul

If you prefer melee weapons, the Ornate Maul is your best choice. It has the highest melee damage in the game and very strong blocking efficiency.

The only setback is that it is fairly slow, so you’ll need to be careful when attacking. If you prefer a faster option, the Ornate Hunting Knife is a great alternative.

Eclair ‘Paradox’ Shotgun

Overall, the best weapon in Nightingale is the Eclair ‘Paradox’ Shotgun. It’s a close-quarters ranged weapon that, with the right positioning, can deal the highest damage in the game.

If you can get close to elite enemies and bosses, you’ll be able to deal phenomenal damage and take them down within seconds.

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Best weapons in Nightingale - tier list.

A-Tier weapons are also great choices that can be gained slightly more easily than S-Tier weapons. Due to that, if you’re short on materials, these are great options.

  • Ornate Hunting Knife
  • Webley Revolver
  • Refined Climbing Pick

Surprisingly, holding two Refined Climbing Picks allows you to deal high damage with rapid attacks and is one of the best mid-game builds in Nightingale.


B-Tier weapons are early-game choices that will keep you all the way to the mid-game.

  • Lee Metford Rifle
  • Single Shotty
  • Smoothbore Shotgun
  • Axepick
  • Simple Hunting Knife
  • Simple Maul
  • Simple Mining Pick
  • Simple Slingbow
  • Simple Woodaxe

Since you’ll need to replace these weapons eventually, check out our guide on how to increase storage in Nightingale.


Best weapons in Nightingale - tier list.

Lastly, C-Tier weapons are early-game options that should be replaced as soon as possible.

  • Makeshift Wood Axe
  • Makeshift Sickle
  • Makeshift Hunting Knife
  • Makeshift Mining Pick

Wrapping up

To wrap up this Nightingale weapon tier list, the best weapons in the game are the Chassepot Rifle, the Ornate Maul, and the Eclair ‘Paradox’ Shotgun.

Keep in mind that the weapon you’ll use depends on how far you’ve progressed in the game. If you’re just starting, C-Tier weapons will get you through the early game just fine.

Which weapon are you currently using, and what’s the next upgrade you’re getting? Don’t hesitate to share your favorite builds in the comments below.

Combine this with our guide on the best base location in Nightingale to ensure you’ve got the most optimal starting setup.


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