Nightingale: How to Increase Storage

Are you looking to increase storage in Nightingale? Here’s everything you need to know on how to get larger boxes and backpack upgrades.

In short, you can unlock bigger storage containers after unlocking the first realm, while the first backpack is the Simple Pack, which is crafted at the Simple Sewing Bench.

Let’s go through every step of the process in further detail.

How to Unlock Larger Storage Boxes in Nightingale

How to increase storage in Nightingale.

To unlock larger storage boxes and the first chest upgrade in Nightingale, interact with the main trader in any level 20 realm. The easiest way is to do that in the first new realm you visit while following the main questline.

When starting out, the first storage pouches won’t be enough to hold all your materials, and you’ll need to craft a lot of them. This can make storage significantly messy, so the first big milestone is to unlock larger boxes.

However, even if you missed the trader during your first visit and the realm closed, the plans for the larger box can be obtained from any level 20 realm.

The reason is that vendors have a set inventory that depends on the class you used for the realm. Thus, a level 20 realm vendor will always have the same stock, which includes the plans for the larger box.

Overall, this will make storage management way easier and more convenient while in your base. However, if you want to increase your storage while traveling around, you’ll need to craft and upgrade a backpack.

How to Craft and Upgrade Backpack

How to increase storage in Nightingale.

The first backpack you’ll unlock in Nightingale is the Simple Pack. To get it, use a Simple Tanning Station to convert animal hide into leather and a Simple Sewing Bench to craft the first backpack by combining leather and plant fibres.

Thankfully, both leather and plant fibres are easy to find in the early game. Leather is obtained by killing any animal, while plant fibres are one of the starting resources.

Next, you can upgrade your backpack by crafting a Simple Upgrade Bench and placing your Simple Pack there with 40 tier 1 essence. This will allow you to get an Uncommon backpack, which allows you to carry 90 pounds instead of 50.

Wrapping up

To summarize, you can increase storage in Nightingale by building larger storage boxes and by crafting and upgrading your backpackk.

The former is done by interacting with the trader in the first realm you’ll visit, while the second is done via the Simple Sewing Bench and the Simple Upgrade Bench. And that’s all for now.

What are your first thoughts on Nightingale so far? Do you think that crafting materials should be automatically taken from chests while crafting? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

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