Battlefield 5: How to Change the Crosshair Color in the Game

So, the Battlefield 5 beta is upon us right now and I am sure that you’re busy enjoying the awesome game. However, if you need some quick tips and tricks, we’re here to help and we’re going to start with a fast one: how to change the crosshair color in Battlefield 5.

By default, the crosshair color in the game is white and this is what most games use. But if you’re used to seeing a different color, you want to personalize and customize your game a bit more or you simply feel the need for a change, we’re going to tell you how to do it. It’s going to be easy and you have a ton of colors available!

How to change Crosshair color in Battlefield V

1. Go to the “Options” menu on the game’s main screen. (Click the More button on the left, and then the Options):

2. Click the “Gameplay” tab and scroll down to (or look at the) Crosshair Color selection under the “Basic” option.

3. From there, you can click the color displayed on the screen and set your custom one from the color panel.

4. Additionally, if you want to further customize the crosshair, you can do so by changing the “Visibility” setting above the color options: 100% means that it is fully opaque (and my recommended settings) and taking that down towards 0 will make it more and more transparent.

When changing your crosshair’s color in Battlefield 5, you should consider the fact that some colors will be easier seen than others. The default one – white – works great in most situations, but so do colors like neon green, bright yellow, red and purple.

Darker colors don’t work that well as they tend to get “lost” over the colors in the game. Transparent ones also don’t work well from the same reasons.

Having a crosshair that you can easily follow and is of your favorite color is important since that’s what dictates how well you aim. So if you don’t like the default (and, truth be said, boring) white color, you now know how to easily change it. Now go out there and give ’em hell!

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