Battlefield 5: How to Turn Off Voice Chat in the Game

Being able to talk to your friends or teammates when playing Battlefield 5 is extremely important. However, you’re sometimes getting a lot more than you’d like to when playing with Voice Chat enabled and Battlefield V makes no exception.

So unless you really are playing with your close friends or you want, for whatever reason, to have the voice chat active, it’s best to turn it off. This is what I usually do since I prefer to focus on the game itself, and not the (usually) stupid things kids have to say to each other or to me.

If you are like me, then you will find today’s guide on how to turn off voice chat in Battlefield 5 extremely useful. And, at the same time, you can use this guide to turn it back on if you get in a talkative mood or you want to learn new things about your mother…

How to turn voice chat in the game

1. First of all, you will have to go to the Options menu by clicking the “More” button to the left side of the screen in the main menu.

2. Once there, click the Audio button to be taken to the audio options.

3. Once there, head over to the VOIP settings: there’s where all the magic happens:

You can simply turn off VOIP completely, meaning that you won’t be able to communicate with fellow players, but you will also be spared the horror of hearing some of them talk.

If you want to leave that enabled, you can further control your options by changing the volume of your teammates and deciding if the overall game volume should be reduced when people are talking.

Remember that Battlefield 5 is, like most FPS games nowadays, using the “Push to talk” feature. So if you leave voice chat enabled, you will still have to hit a key on your keyboard (Left Alt by default) in order to talk (or a button on your controller). This makes it a bit easier since you can only talk when you want to – but it comes with the downside that you are forced to always listen to what everybody else has to say and it’s usually pretty toxic.

Based on my own experience, you’re not losing anything vital if you keep voice chat turned off so go ahead and use our guide to do that ASAP. And don’t forget to come back often as we’ll have more guides for Battlefield 5 ready for you soon!

And until then, you can also check out our previous guide where we teach you how to change your crosshair’s color in the game.

3 thoughts on “Battlefield 5: How to Turn Off Voice Chat in the Game”

  1. YOU are what is wrong with this game. If you don’t want to be bothered to communicate with your squad mates, then maybe you should stick to single player mode. This is a squad-based game where effective communication with your team is essential. Battlefield is one of the few team-based games where the majority of fandoms think it is OK to join your squad of two or three people with no microphone. We boot people immediately when this happens. I would much rather have an average or even a below average player on my team that knows how to communicate than a player who goes 25 and 3 but can’t be bothered to talk.

    • I did say in the intro that communication is key in the game. The problem is with those who behave like they just got out of hospice, ruining the fun of the game…


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