Two Point Hospital Staff Management Guide to Specialize Doctors, Nurses and Assistants

Two Point Hospital might look like a very casual and light simulation game that’s more about humor than strategy, but looks can be deceiving. Actually, there are many things that you can take into account in order to make your life a lot easier in the game, and one of the most important is managing your staff.

That’s what we’re going to talk about in today’s article, where we’re going to share a staff management guide in which we’ll talk about the various staff specializations you should consider and work on in order to optimize the flow/cure ratio of patients. Because, yes, you have doctors and nurses and assistants and janitors in the game… but you can go one step ahead and specialize them into true superstars in a single area.

And the good news is that everything’s a lot easier than it might sound and even the more casual players can easily specialize their staff and micromanage them so that they put their bonuses (natural or taught) to good use and help you grab rewards and three star ratings in the mean time.

So let’s see what this is all about in today’s guide on Two Point Hospital staff management and specialization techniques.

Two Point Hospital Doctors

You’ll probably need the most of these and you’ll have them divided in two main category and a third one that’s not that important in my opinion, but also useful: GPs who diagnose your patients, Treatment doctors who make sure that you have no casualties and Research doctors whose only purpose is to conduct research.

You should think about these specializations as soon as you hire your first doctor for your new hospital and build up from there with specializations in mind. You will need multiple doctors to fill these positions as you will add extra rooms (and back-ups), so plan accordingly.

Here is what you should focus on for each type of doctor, although I am sure that now that you saw their specializations written, things already start getting shaped in your mind:

GPs: They should have mainly diagnostic skills, but I also like to mix and match some speed boosts. The GPs need to be effective and fast and be able to work long shifts as you will have tons of patients who will need to be looked at.

Have in mind that although it’s usually a better option to train your GP instead of hiring a new doctor (and building a new room for them), you will have to do this and have at least 2 of each diagnostics rooms – and for every two rooms you should have three GPs.

Finally, make sure that you instruct them, from the staff menu, to only handle diagnosis and no treatment as this is their specialization. They must be fast, with high Diagnosis and General Practice skills, as well as Motivation.

Treatment: These are extremely important and you should make sure to specialize them and only use your best in the most difficult rooms (like the Pandemics). They have to hold top skills in Treatment and Stamina (you don’t want them to be fast as a must, but they have to be able to work as much as possible).

You should never have Treatment doctors work in Diagnostics rooms and you should always specialize them even further and fully compared to Psychiatrists who can’t be properly specialized otherwise since they need that special skill.

Research: I am not really a big fan of research specialization as I consider it a waste of money, space and fun… but you have this option as well.

Having doctors specialized in research can provide a nice flow of money and apart from the obvious specialization traits (Research, Motivation, Stamina) you should also help them even further by boosting their rooms with research equipment. Have in mind that the room prestige value doesn’t matter in research rooms – so only do the basics to get good grades during inspection.

Two Point Hospital Nurses

Just like doctors, nurses can be specialized in two main areas: Diagnosis and Treatment. And things go in a similar manner as with the docs:

Diagnosis nurses: These are the ones that you’ll use in the Cardiology and General Diagnosis. They need to be fast and efficient in diagnosing patients, so work on their Diagnostics and Motivation.

Just as it is the case of the Treatment nurse we’re going to talk about below, they are easy to be trained together with the doctors who have the same specialization

Treatment: You need to plan things a bit more here, since you will not only have to focus on the Treatment skill, but also the Ward-specific skill and make sure that your nurses work where they have the best specialization in.

Just as it is the case of the doctors, you should always have your best nurses working in the rooms that are of higher difficulty (such as fractures) and have 3 nurses for every 2 rooms.

Two Point Hospital Assistants

Things are pretty simple here, as assistants are required to do one thing only, and they seem to get the job done no matter what, with great results. I never really focused on training my assistants and never had any problems.

The obvious skills to train here are the Customer Service which is the most important, but a bit of Motivation wouldn’t hurt in order to speed up things. But apart from that, Assistants are easy to manage and handle and they don’t really need additional specialization or strategizing.

Two Point Hospital Janitors

Janitors have two main skills that are extremely important in the game: Ghost Capture and Mechanics. Although you don’t want the former to be used often, it doesn’t hurt to have it – while the latter is also extremely important since you’ll be leveling up your equipment often, and you want it done as fast as possible.

I personally recommend not to invest to many slots in either of those important skills: one in Ghost Capture and two in Mechanics should be more than enough.

So what to put the extra points in? In something that’s vital for the efficiency of Janitors in Two Point Hospital: speed! So keep pumping motivation into their skill slots, so that they are fast and get the job done as fast as possible. It’s definitely a lot easier than having to hire and look after a ton of lazy janitors!

Putting these tips to good use will help you tackle all potential problems easily and go through the tasks and challenges in the game like a hot knife through butter. And if you want to know more about handling your staff, you can also read our article on how to train staff in TPS.

And, of course, check back soon as we will have more useful guides to share with you in the near future!

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