Two Point Hospital: How to Train Your Staff

Training your staff in Two Point hospital is extremely important if you want to keep your patients happy and the awards incoming. But how to train your staff in Two Point Hospital? This is the million dollar question, especially early on in the game!

If you just started to play the game – or you are at your second hospital already, you probably noticed that some of your staff is available for training. You even get in-game notices about that, but when you click their empty skill slots nothing happens.

This drove me crazy, actually, and I thought that there’s a glitch in the game, especially because clicking a trainable button in your staff menu opened up an empty window. What was going on?

Well, a simply thing was going on: staff training was simply not unlocked in Two Point Hospital!

You will have to keep on playing and only when you unlock the third hospital and start playing there, you will actually unlock the training room and the feature of training your staff there.

Building the training room in Two Point Hospital

And once you have that unlocked, things are really simple: just build the training room somewhere in your hospital, select the staff that you want trained, select a trainer and you’re all set! Just remember that the more chairs you have, the more people you can train – as you will only be able to train a number equal to that of the chairs.

So if you haven’t unlocked the feature yet – don’t go mad like I did and be happy that you did some research instead: you simply can’t train your staff until playing a bit on the third hospital!

Staff training menu

And once you have unlocked the training room in the game, you can go back to your previous hospitals, but the room there and start training your staff to make it easier for you to grab those three stars.

Just remember that training usually takes a lot of time and you should make sure that you have enough staff to cover for the ones in training as they will no longer work until their training is complete.

And this is all – you know now how to train your staff in Two Point Hospital and you’re ready to tackle some more difficult tasks and cure various patients. And if you need more help, don’t hesitate to check back often as we’ll be publishing a lot more guides for the game in the near future!

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