SCUM Guide: How to Lose Weight / Fat in Your Game

SCUM is a survival game that closely simulates real life. And if there’s one tough lesson that real life has for us, that is that if you eat poorly, you’ll get fat.

Exactly the same thing will happen in SCUM: you can gain weight, you can get fat and that will have a plethora of effects over various in-game things.

So today, I’m writing an article for all the people out there who suffer from a big gut in SCUM. And I’ll tell you how to lose weight in SCUM and/or how to reduce fat so that your character is in supreme form and a true survivor.

The problem is that things are not easy and it seems that (again, like in real life) you can gain weight and fat a lot faster than you can lose it.

scum losing weight

Grab those MREs, eat a bit of butter and chocolate and you’ll be rolling down the hills like a blubber of fat in no time!

So, here are some tips and tricks on how to lose fat and reduce your weight in SCUM – the best survival game of the moment:

1. First of all, even though it’s not really about losing weight/fat, it has to be said: watch your diet! Eating all the crappy things you find in the game’s world will make you fatter and fatter, so stay away from everything that sounds like something that will make you fat.

As I said before, MREs seem to be the best at increasing that fat percentage of your character, but also very high-calorie stuff like butter, chocolate and, for some strange reason, eating raw meat.

Instead, cook your meals and eat light. Yeah, you can’t avoid this even in a computer game, ffs!

So, try to look at your metabolism and eat what’s required: if you need carbs, for example, go eat fruits or pasta; if you need protein, eat some meat. Check things out and plan a bit!

2. A fun way of actually losing fat instantly is… taking a poop or peeing. Yup, as you probably know, you can pee, poop and puke in SCUM and doing so will instantly see you lose 100-200 grams of body weight.

That’s a start – but you can’t do that over and over again until you’re at ideal weight, unfortunately.

3. Run, swim and be active: these things will reduce your fat levels in-game body, but not as fast as you’d like them to go down. They do, through and if you combine this with the tip #1, you will be there sooner rather than later.

4. Carry heavy stuff – this will make you burn more calories and therefore lose more fat in the game. Always keep an eye on the stats to see how you’re doing!

Take your time to familiarize with everything and see how changing things you’re wearing or carrying around influence the BCU monitor.

In the end, remember that an in-game day is 6 real life hours. So you can’t expect to lose 20 kilos in half an hour. It’s just not possible!

So instead, take your time, watch the foods you’re eating and… well… exercise, even if that means running around constantly, carrying things you don’t need just because they’re heavy!

If you have found other (ideally easy) methods to lose weight and fat in SCUM, share your findings with us in the comment section below.

I’ll also keep an eye on the game world and see what else can be done to help your character get back in shape.

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3 thoughts on “SCUM Guide: How to Lose Weight / Fat in Your Game”

  1. I think that the meats and stuff have more fat in them than proteins. I was told to do a diet of strictly tuna fish, and nothing else combined with the obvious excersize. I’ve been supplementing the tuna for cooked steaks (not the fat) and have been eating very scarecely and i have been getting more than double the fat than proteins. I’m sadly getting fatter, but will keep trying other things. as of right now, i weigh about 123kg’s and about 38kg’s of that is pure body fat. 🙁

  2. How to losing fat, go overburden, 0 protein, 0 carbs, 0 sugar and keep jogging or working. Just balance your calories, so you not keep hungry( starvation is better but don’t go to -2000 calories), beer and any alcohol or soda is good for diet.


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