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Assassin’s Creed Odyssey: Guide to Level Up Faster (Level 50 in No Time Guide)

Assassins Creed Odyssey how to level up fast – featured

Leveling up faster in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey is something that everybody wants to do because reaching level 50 ASAP doesn’t only unlock one of the more difficult achievements in the game, but also makes you a force to be reckoned with. And I’m here to help you do just that by sharing some tips and tricks on how to level up faster in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey.

There is a bit of grinding involved, but you can get to to level 50 in the game faster than the rest and therefore have an easier life in late-game stages. Using the recommended tips and tricks below to level up faster in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, you will easily get at least 5 levels for each main story mission that you complete – and a lot of extra gravy on the sides.

So let’s not waste a single second and instead let’s check out below our guide on how to level up faster in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey!

1. Side quests all the time
These are usually boring and repetitive and involve simple “go from A to B” mechanics and you’ll end up hating them, but they’re always part of the game. They also reward you with decent amounts of XP and you can complete them easily, without worrying too much about anything.

So focus for a while on these side quests in order to maximize your XP gains and level up as much as possible. When things start to get boring after all this running around, look at the other recommended tips to gain experience fast in ACO.

2. Do bounties from the message board
Bounties are everywhere in the game and they reward you not only with sweet drachmae, but also a lot of XP. They are also a bit more fun to complete and faster than the boring side quests, so you’ll have more fun.

In order to start working on these bounties and contracts which usually require you to kill a specific target within a time limit, simply go to the Quests menu and select the “Bounties & Contracts” option.

3. Keep an eye out for important side quests
It’s not all about getting a random NPC some valuables he lost in the other corner of the map. Sometimes, the side quests are marked on the map with a golden outline – these are really important side quests that will reward you with a ton of XP.

Usually, these side quests are also related to the main story and help you progress faster. These are the quests that you should complete as soon as you have them, so keep an eye out on the map for golden outlines.

4. Story quests help you progress
Of course, progressing to the end of the story is your final goal and you shouldn’t delay going through the main missions for too long. These are the best missions in the game and reward you with solid amounts of XP and other important loot. They help you progress to new areas and stages and unlock a variety of other side quests, so when you seem to run out of options, start working on the main quests.

5. Kill the big NPCs
In Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, you can kill almost any NPC that you encounter. Some of them are really important people and doing so rewards you with a lot of XP, drachmae and usually great loot.

Almost all locations of the game have at least one big NPC that, if killed, will reward you greatly so make sure that you take them out sooner rather than later. So always keep an eye on the location’s objectives: if it’s not clear who’s the big daddy of the area, you still have the Captain of the fort and other quests to perform there.

6. Explore on foot
I know that this is as boring as it gets after a while – just like completing the delivery side quests, but you get a ton of XP at the end of the day for discovering all the secrets that Ancient Greece holds.

So take some time – maybe when doing a long distance side quest – and walk around the map, trying to discover as many things as possible. You get rewarded for each discovery, so keep an eye on the map for the question marks and explore for extra experience points!

7. Fight in the Arena (after level 25)
Once you reach level 25 in the game, you unlock the Arena which basically allows you to fight against various Gladiators for money and glory. Oh, and a ton of experience points – so make sure you rinse and repeat fights in the arena until your level reaches the sky.

These would be our recommended methods to level up faster in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. Did you manage to find other simple ways to grab a lot of XP fast? Let us know by commenting below!

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Assassin’s Creed Odyssey: Complete Achievements Guide

Assassins Creed Odyssey achievements guide

Unlocking all the achievements in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey is not a walk in the park, but it’s definitely fun! It will take most of us a lot of time to get there, but knowing exactly what you have to do in order to unlock each achievement in the game will definitely help.

I am here to do just that: share with you the complete guide to achievements in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey and how to unlock them all. The good news is that most of these achievements are easily unlocked from simply playing the game and the character that you choose to play as doesn’t influence anything. Eventually, you will complete them all just from playing.

But there are a few that might give you a headache or two and we’re talking about them all in today’s article. So without further ado, let’s check out the complete guide to the achievements in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey.

IMPORTANT: Have in mind that there are spoilers in the list below so read at your own risk!

1. This is Sparta! – Complete the Battle of 300.

2. An Odyssey in the Making – Complete Episode 1.

3. Past Mistakes – Complete Episode 2.

4. Evil Unearthed – Complete Episode 3.

5. The Bright Minds – Complete Episode 4.

6. From the Ashes – Complete Episode 5.

7. Democracy Falls – Complete Episode 6.

8. Legend in the Making – Complete Episode 7.

9. Taking Back Athens – Complete Episode 8.

10. Odyssey’s End – Complete Episode 9 + Epilogue.

11. In Perseus’s Image – Defeat Medusa.
Tip: You will get the quest to fight Medusa on Lesbos Island.

12. A-maze-ing Victory! – Defeat the Minotaur.
Tip: You will get the quest to fight the Minotaur in Messara.

13. Eye on the Prize – Defeat the Cyclops.
Tip: This is another Cyclops, not the one at the beginning of the game. You will get the quest to fight the Cyclops in Kythera.

14. Riddle Me This – Defeat the Sphinx.
Tip: You will get the quest to fight the Sphinx in Boeotia.

15. Going For Gold – Complete the Olympic questline.
Tip: You will automatically compete in the Olympics during a specific chapter in the game.

16. Birthright – Discover Atlantis and speak with Pythagoras.
Tip: Just go through the game’s story and you will automatically unlock this one as well.

17. Everybody Benefits – Complete Markos’s questline.
Tip: You can find him on Keos island

18. Trust Me, I’m a Doctor – Complete the Hippocrates questline.
Tip: You can find him in Boeotia

19. A Pirate’s Life for Me – Complete Xenia’s questline.
Tip: You can find her on Keos Island.

20. Master of the Hunt – Complete the Daughters of Artemis questline.
Tip: This quest line starts in Phokis and is one of the more difficult ones to complete (time consuming as well)

21. Misthios in Training– Complete 20 Bounties, War Contracts, or Naval Quests from Message Boards.

22. Island Hopper – Complete 20 Quests on Pephka, Obsidian and Abantis islands.

23. Make It Your Own – Engrave your first item.
Tip: You can do this by using a Blacksmith.

24. The Midas Touch – Engrave a Legendary Item with a Legendary Effect.
Tips: You will actually need 2 legendary items in order to be able to engrave one with the engraving on the other.

25. Shiny! – Acquire and equip your first Legendary item.

26. I am Legend – Equip 1 Legendary melee weapon and 5 Legendary armor pieces.

27. Fashion’s Creed – Equip a Legendary Armor set.

28. Legacy Restored – Upgrade your Spear to Tier 6.

29. Demigod – Reach Level 50.
Tip: We’ll have a guide on leveling up to 50 soon, so make sure to check back with us!

30. Godly Power – Acquire a Tier 3 active Ability.

31. Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger – Upgrade the Adrestia for the first time.

32. Lord of the Seas – Fully upgrade the Adrestia.

33. Hermes’s Homie – Unveil all sub-regions of Greece.

34. Child of Poseidon – Complete all underwater location objectives.

35. Aphrodite’s Embrace – Spend the night with another character.

36. I Have the Power – Perform an Overpower Attack with every weapon type.

37. War Master – Kill the Leader of any Region with Low Resources, other than Megaris.

38. Infamous – Raise your Bounty to the maximum level.

39. Hero for Hire – Win your first on land conquest battle in any region.

40. One Head Down… – Defeat a full cluster of Cultists of Kosmos.

41. The Cult Unmasked – Defeat all the Cultists of Kosmos.

42. You Work for Me Now – Recruit and assign a Legendary NPC for your ship.

43. The Argonauts – Fully crew the Adrestia with Legendary Lieutenants.

44. Blood Sport – Defeat a Mercenary in the Arena.

45. Are You Not Entertained? – Become Champion of the Arena.

46. Top of the Food Chain – Become the first Mercenary.

47. Ramming Speed – Cleave a ship in half.

48. Wrath of the Amazons – Cleave a ship while having an all-women crew.

49. Scourge of the Aegean – Sink your first Epic Ship.

50. Stink Eye – Recover the Cyclops’s eye from a goat on Kephallonia.
Tip: Even if you haven’t paid attention to the goat that was lucky enough to receive the eye, simply hunting 10 or so goats in the area should give you the reward.

This is it! 50 achievements later, you’ll be able to say that you have fully mastered Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. Good luck unlocking all these achievements!

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Top 5 Video Gaming Industry Trends of 2018

featured image video games trends

From the past few years, gaming industry is at a digital zenith. As demands for innovative games rise, game developers feel inspired to create unique games with incredible storyline, graphics, play environment, characters, and levels. In 2017, game development experts experienced a great hike in gaming enthusiasts and game-specific technologies. While it is impossible to tell with absolute certainty what awaits us, one could make a number of educated guesses as to some trends which may meet us this year. On that note, here are the top 5 trends that are likely to define 2018’s gaming industry.

PC/Mobile Cross-Platform
We can see that a lot of the video game trends of 2018 have solid foundations build upon the successes of previous years. One such trend is mobile gaming and cross-platform gaming, an innovation that many in the gaming industry are beginning to take advantage of. Games that were once only available on PC and gaming consoles are beginning to reach across the divide and make their way into the mobile platform. Also in many games you can sync your progress on different platforms using the universal account and most of the time gamer gets sign up bonus for that.

Battle Royale
This one trend is single handedly reshaping the gaming industry. Battle royale games in 2018 are the hottest topic around, and gaming companies are scrambling to get a share of the Fortnite pie. Fortnite released in 2017 since then it has gained massive traction, and its momentum shows no signs of slowing down.

Adoption of eSports
eSports is an industry filled with commercial opportunity because there are a variety of revenue streams that companies can tap into. The most common genres of video game associated with eSports are a real-time strategy, fighting, first-person shooter, and multiplayer online battle arena. At present, eSports is one of the major trends that gaming companies are willing to invest in, as the eSports market revenues rose more than four times between 2013 and 2017, and is most likely to triple, again, by 2021. As eSports becomes increasingly recognized it is likely to continue affecting how games are designed and played.

Cloud Games
Cloud based games are here to redefine the way game development is done and gamers play the game. Players don’t even need to worry about the storage capacity for the game and they can set the language as per their respective geographical locations.

Retro Games
It’s by now fairly common knowledge how powerful nostalgia is as a marketing tool, but with video games, there’s another component that makes players more likely to stick with what they know and love. For many, it comes down to time. The retro games like Mario and Contra on mobile devices have already solidified their positions in the heart of young kids. The particular approach gives a feeling of generational travel.

Take Away
Each year produces its great course of actions, mobile gaming is gaining much wider reach and impact than PC and console games in 2018. These 5 trends further signify how video gaming industry is booming globally.

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Rare Cases in CS:GO

cs go case opening

The whole Internet is full of sites for opening CS:GO cases, trades platforms and various roulettes. With the release of the new case, players start their “hunting season” in a bid to be the first to knock out valuable loot and skins from it. But not every case from Counter Strike: Global Offensive is that easy to get. Among the thousands of cheap cases, which rarely cost more than 4 cents, you can often see really rare and exclusive items. Rare cases and limited editions are hidden from our eyes, and to become the owner of such an item, you need to make a little effort. There are not some many ways of getting one, but the main option is to surf for a csgo case opening sites which can put a spin on your inventory.

What is a rare case
Mostly, the rare case is the one which can be rarely found on Steam Market. Deficit always causes a stir and contributes to the growth of prices for the loot boxes. The best example of such cases are Bravo case (worth more than $10), and limited eSports 2013 cases, assessed at $8. There are about 900 lots for each of these cases on the community market. Comparing them to the “junior cases”, whose circulation exceeds the mark of 20.000, these old cases can definitely be classified as rare ones. Moreover, there is no way you can get them after matchmaking matches. Given this dynamic in prices, as well as the simple rules of the market, users can easily reap the benefits just by tracking the dynamics of the case prices.

Obtaining rare cases without investing money
There are several ways to get valuable items: trading with skins, playing an honest roulette game, and selling cosmetic items on the community market. The second method is very simple and does not require any skills and knowledge from you. In order to earn money to buy the desired case, you just need to play Counter Strike. Play a lot until your inventory is filled with a three dollars drop from competitive matches. If you collect a sufficient number of skins, you can purchase a rare set by simply selling those skins or just using them at CS:GO roulette increasing your winning chances with a number of items.

And if you know how to negotiate, benefit and make deals, or simply fantastically lucky, then you should try to trade skins with other players. An experienced trader often adds up his inventory with valuable weapons and items. Try to contact the users who have the necessary case, and exchange it for any skins. You can also try to start with a small bet in the CS:GO roulette, you can sometimes win big by simply placing a single bet. The correct approach will easily allow you to get the desired case with the laidback approach. Anyhow, if you feel like you are up to trading and winning big, any of these approaches may come in you handy.

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First FIFA 19 Patch Released, Fixes Gameplay, FUT, The Journey and More (All Details Here)

fifa 19 patch

EA was really fast with this massive patch they have just released for FIFA 19. There are a ton of changes and fixes for the game, which I am sure that you will be more than happy to read about.

Many minor changes are brought in by this FIFA 19 patch, which won’t be immediately visible, but they will influence the game overall and make it a lot better than it was before.

This first patch released for FIFA 19 addresses various issues in all game modes, as well as general gameplay. Expect to see changes in the FUT mode (FIFA Ultimate Team), Career, The Journey and much more.

We have a complete list of the changes brought by the patch, but if you don’t want to go through them – as the list of fixes and changes is pretty long – we have selected the most important for you. These would be bug fixes for the online mode free kick power, as well as multiple other Online Mode fixes, a fix for matches being scheduled on the same day and much more.

Check out the full list of changes and fixes brought in by this new FIFA 19 patch below:


– The power bar for Set Piece Kicks in an Online Match was sometimes incorrectly going to 100% when the player had requested less power.
– Sometimes, when the player requests a regular (laces) shot, they will get an inside of the foot shot animation instead.
– This inside of the foot shot animation would usually result in the shot having less power.


– Some Traits that no longer had any functionality in gameplay were still displaying in the Front End.
– Some Traits that did have functionality in gameplay were not displaying in the Front End.
– Added (CPU AI Only) to the names of Traits that only have an effect on players when they are controlled by the CPU AI.
– A refresher on what we mean by “CPU AI”.
– The CPU plays the game as you would, limited by the same input restrictions that a human player has. This means that the CPU team has an active player, just like you do, which is called the CPU AI-controlled player.

FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT):

– In Rivals, some reward options contain four rewards but only three were displaying in the front end. This was a visual issue only, players selecting these rewards received all of the appropriate rewards.
– Trying to swap duplicate items from the New Items screen would sometimes cause an error message to appear and/or display an undefined Item image.
– FUT Coin balances were sometimes not visually updating properly when a player was outbid on an Item on the FUT Transfer Market. This was a visual issue only and had no impact on a player’s FUT Coin balance.
– Stability issue that would sometimes occur in FUT Single Player Seasons if the player had forfeited the previous match.
– Squad Building Challenge rewards that provided a FUT Item required logging in and out of FUT before you could claim them.
– Visual issue where a player would sometimes disappear during a pack opening walkout animation.
– Some walkout animations were causing the player to warp into place.
– The country graphic displayed in Squad Battles for a Squad from India were incorrect.
– The Rivals post-match Weekly Score summary was displaying oddly if the player’s Rank had changed while they were playing the previous match.

The Journey:

– Customization of Alex Hunter, was incorrectly displaying for some users.
– Updated the Mentor Selection screen.
– The Mentor Rating was not present in the training flow.
– ‘Play The Game’ was incorrectly triggered during the opening of The Journey.
– The ball went missing from Jim Hunter’s hands if he scored a hattrick during the opening of The Journey.
– Stability issue during the post-match highlights following a match with Kim Hunter in Chapter 2.
– Stability issue when switching to Kim Hunter at the start of Chapter 4.
– Stability issue after completing a training drill with Kim Hunter.
– Purchasing the Weak Foot Trait for Kim Hunter was defaulting her Weak Foot rating to three stars.
– Getting a red card in Danny Williams’ first match was still allowing him to be a sub in the second.
– If Danny Williams got two yellow cards in his first match he was banned for more than 1 game.
– One of Danny Williams’ teammates was missing his body during cutscene.
– The Matches Played stat for Alex Hunter and Danny Williams was sometimes inaccurate.
– Sometimes Danny would be put into the starting lineup even when he had a Late Sub rating.
– The rival icon is missing in a match where Alex Hunter is playing Danny Williams.

Online Modes:

– Attempting to play a Pro Clubs Friendly match after playing a Co-Op Seasons match would result in one player from your team being unable to proceed into the Pro Clubs match.
– Attempting to play an Online Seasons or Online Friendlies match, after playing a Pro Clubs Friendly match, would result in a Squad Mismatch error.
– Pro Clubs Friendly matches were showing the end of match flow screens from a Pro Club League match. This was a purely visual issue.
– Incorrect player model displays briefly in the Practice Arena before a Pro Clubs match.
– Brief image of a stadium was displaying when exiting a Pro Clubs Drop In match.
– Stability issue in Pro Clubs after swapping controllers multiple times.

Career Mode:

– When playing as a team that qualifies for either UEFA Champions League or UEFA Europa League through the playoffs, the championship match was scheduled on the same day as the final league match. (This fix will not affect existing save files.)
– Removed the following traits from the list of Player Career traits as they no longer had an in-game function: Driven Pass, Acrobatic Clearance, Diving Header, Fancy Flicks, GK Up For Corners
– In Player Career, some incorrect Accomplishments were displaying after playing the first match of your career.
– Certain player swap transfers were being rejected due to incorrect budget calculations.
– The Block Offers option was not appearing in some situations.
– News was not properly displaying when a player is acquired in a transfer that included a player swap.
– News articles for Player Of The Month Awards were displaying the incorrect month.
– Visual customizations to Alex Hunter and Danny Williams were not being properly displayed during negotiation scenes in Career Mode.
– Petr Cech was wearing his helmet during negotiation scenes, we have now found him a tie instead.

Kick Off:

– Stability issue in the Team Management screens when playing in Arabic.
– Sometimes, when making a complicated series of squad changes in the Team Management screens, the wrong players were get substituted off.
– Sometimes, when making a complicated series of squad changes in the Team Management screens, you are unable to back out of the screens.
– Reduced the number of tutorial screens present in the Kick Off tutorial.

Game Modes:

– A player’s individual Attributes were not properly loading into the first attempt at a Skill Game. This only impacted Skill Games, and could be resolved by restarting or retrying the Skill Game.


– Added audio banter regarding the previous FIFA World Cup.
– Added audio banter for a number of teams.
– Added audio banter for a number of stadiums.
– Added audio banter for a number of team matchups.
– Adjusted the sound effects that play during negotiation scenes in Career Mode.
– Tuned the audio that plays after a goal to provide more unique audio.
– Tuned the audio that plays during FUT Pack opening animations.

Addressed the following issues:

– Wrong portion of the UEFA Champions League anthem was playing during player lineups at the start of a UEFA Champions League match.
– Missing audio for UEFA Champions League matches in some stadiums.
– Wrong audio playing during the warm up scenes of a UEFA Champions League match.
– Incorrect audio playing at the end of a UEFA Champions League Group Stage match if you win the second match after losing the first.
– Wrong audio sometimes playing when scoring a volley goal off of a cross.
– Audio saying that a shot was well off target when it didn’t miss by much.
– An issue with the audio that played before a Manchester Derby match.
– Chinese Super League team names were not being mentioned in intro audio.
– Missing audio in The Journey for Kim Hunter.
– Missing audio in The Journey for Alex Hunter.
– Wrong audio in The Journey for Danny Williams during the pre-season tournament.
– Player To Watch audio sometimes not playing despite the overlay showing.
– Audio incorrectly playing in an 11 v 11 training match and a penalty is given.

Visual / Presentation:

– Added UEFA Super Cup overlay package to the game.
– Added a new goal celebration for Jesse Lingard.
– To do the celebration, play as Jesse Lingard, and after scoring a goal, run to the cameras.
– Updates to some of the ad boards displayed in stadium.

Addressed the following issues:

– Neymar’s name was incorrectly displaying as “Jr” on some screens.
– Corrected some instances of kit clashing involving the referee.
– Post goal replays were not showing the full scoring sequence.
– An issue where the ball was rarely warping around the pitch after kickoff.
– Free agents were not wearing the proper Free Agent kit when viewed in Edit Teams.
– Incorrect team crests were displaying on the player benches in RCDE Stadium.
– Updates to the kits worn by players in some of the TIFO displays in stadium.
– Graphical corruption of the English Football League Championship badge when displayed on a kit in game.
– Graphical corruption of the English Football League Championship trophy when displayed in game.
– TIFOs were appearing on the wrong side of the stadium for some teams.
– Liga NOS team Os Belenenses was being displayed as just Belenenses.
– Updates were also made to the team crest and to the banners and flags that display in stadium.
– Buenos Aires was defaulting to the incorrect stadium.
– Sometimes the card or injury drop down notifications were not triggering following a card or injury.
– Long player names were missing or cutoff in the match details overlay of an FA Cup match.
– The penalties scoreboard didn’t show the team’s kit colors when playing an English Premier League match.
– Sometimes the match details overlay was displaying too briefly at half-time and at the end of the match.
– Aggregate score was missing from the score clocks for the LaLiga, English Premier League and Bundesliga overlay packages.
– The penalties results were missing from the match details overlay when playing a match in MLS.
– The league table dropdown was only showing the top team’s point totals in a LaLiga match.
– The default Skill Games camera was sometimes clipping through the fence.
– The camera angles used for a woman’s match were incorrect during the player line up shots.
– The camera was sometimes being obstructed in a number of stadiums.
– Resolved clipping issues in a number of stadiums.
– Placeholder text was present on some ad boards.
– The Bundesliga 2 logo was appearing during a substitution in a Bundesliga match.

Wow! That is indeed a long change list – and honestly, I wasn’t aware that so many problems existed in the game. They were definitely minor problems and bugs, but it’s good to see that the folks over at Electronic Arts are working to make the game as flawless as possible.

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Prodigy Tactics Review

prodigy tactics review 1

Steam didn’t exist back in the days when I was playing the Heroes of Might and Magic games like a mad man, but if it existed, their hour counters would’ve listed: “You play too much, get a life!” And it wasn’t just HoMM that ate up all my free time (and study time and time I should’ve spent sleeping), it was any type of game with hexagons. Hexagons are life. Hexagons are power. Hexagons are the ingredient of awesome games.

In other words, yes, I am a sucker for deep, tactical games where you can spend as much time as you need planning your next move, making sure that the outcome, at the end of the day, will be exactly what you expected.

As a result, I was instantly attracted by Prodigy Tactics, a beautiful turn based tactical game that looked like a massive hit on my values scale. It’s true, it doesn’t feature my beloved hexagons, but at least it has circles!

Story-wise, things are not very clear to me. I will be honest and admit that I actually had to read the official description of the game to know that there’s actually a story behind all the battles taking place on-screen. Apparently, the fantasy lands of Thasys are going through some really difficult times, as Mana pools are draining and the fantastic creatures who need them to survive go a bit crazy.

And, as it always happens with crazy, they start fighting over the little Mana that’s left. But the Guardians – legendary creatures who still have the secret of Mana production and join the fight for whatever reason. The truth is that this doesn’t really matter much, because – just like me before writing this review, you won’t even care if there’s a story behind all that’s happening in the game.

As soon as you start, you’re thrown into battle – and that’s exactly how I like things to happen. Sure, I am playing some games for their story, but some – like Prodigy Tactics and many tactical TBS games out there – can easily rule our hearts without some.

And rule our hearts this game does, as a tiny Jedi master would say (OK, you can read the sentence again with his voice now!)

Star Wars geekery aside, Prodigy Tactics does look good. It offers so much eye candy that you wouldn’t need to eat chocolate for an entire week. For real!

The level of detail in this game is amazing. The character design is flawless and each character has been drawn and built to look as good as possible. Having in mind that this is actually an indie studio that handled the entire development process – and not an AAA studio with tens of millions on their hands, the whole eye candy stuff is even more impressive.

And Prodigy Tactics knows that it looks good because it flaunts its beauty on every occasion. And that’s not really a great thing, because it does so by throwing at us battle animations, one after another. They are amazing to look at when you start the game, but after a few hours of play time, things are no longer the same. You like how the steak looks, but you want to eat the damn thing!

All those beautiful animations – close-ups of your characters, slow motion attacks and the whole set of ways to impress you with the beauty of the game – can’t be turned off. Like it or not (and trust me, you’ll stop enjoying it after a while), you will have to go through them each time you perform an action. Every freaking turn. Fortunately, you can click your mouse once or twice to speed these animations up and get back to playing.

As a tactical game, Prodigy Tactics throws at you 13 different creatures to select and place on the battlefield (well, actually, you can only use 4 at a time), then destroy your opponent like there’s no tomorrow. Each creature has a unique set of skills and attack moves, as well as defense moves and a plethora of stats to go through and consider – which is a godsend for fans of the genre.

Every battle has an interesting way of unfolding too: one of your creatures attacks one turn, while one of the enemy’s defends, then roles change: one of your creatures defends, while the enemy attacks with one of his. The fun part comes from the fact that the defending creature will most likely not be the target of the attack and this opens up a lot of possibilities, making things way more interesting in the long run.

There is also a Harmony / Dissonance system in place, which basically gives you two different options for performing your move: one of them (Harmony) is safe to perform at any given moment, but has a less powerful effect than the Dissonance moves, which create Dissonance circles on your side and risk ending up in a massive explosion that can really throw your tactical plans under the bus. I’ve tried to win battles going the safe route and only choosing Harmony actions – and that’s not really possible. So in the end you will have to risk a bit (or more) in order to end up winning. Which, again, gives you a ton more tactical options.

But because of the way it is made, the actual battles in Prodigy Tactics tend to drag a bit. Fights are long and usually repetitive, made even longer and boring when you have just an opponent left, who will constantly defend reducing a ton of incoming damage and dragging the entire fight for several more turns before you can grab the crown.

But the entire combat system is very complex and offers a ton of possibilities. The characters themselves have unique abilities and specific strengths (or weaknesses), as well as affinities with various other characters which can be used to win battles easily. So even though the number of available characters seems low at first, I prefer having a bit over two handfuls of truly unique ones to choose from instead of 100 that are more or less the same and don’t offer you the multitude of tactical options that the lower number does.

Prodigy Tactics can be played in single players, but also multiplayer. Unfortunately, finding an opponent for PvP takes a bit of time right now – but hopefully things will change soon, as more and more people discover the game and start playing it. But even without the multiplayer aspect, the game offers enough of a challenge in single player and just completing the tutorial itself is a solid experience (a must play one too, in order to fully understand how the game works and unlock your characters).


Have you ever dated that insanely beautiful girl that drew all the attention when as soon as she set foot in a room? Only to realize that she’s a bit shallow and not the best conversation partner in the world, nor the most fun person to be around with? Me neither, but if I were to ever date such a lady, guess what? I wouldn’t really care of those cons, not even a bit!

Something similar goes with Prodigy Tactics: it delivers a ton of eye candy and, unlike the hypothetical girlfriend I mentioned earlier, it does manage to keep you entertained for the most part, giving you enough tactical options to have you rub your chin every now and then. It’s not the best experience you can have playing a game, but at least it looks better than most.

And even though I’ve always been an advocate of the crowd saying that gameplay is more important than graphics, I must admit that the gorgeous visual art of Prodigy tactics does make a massive difference and tips the balance in the favor of a big thumbs up. Because – to continue the analogy I made earlier – you must be physically attracted to your girlfriend too in order to make things work. And in this case, the “girlfriend” definitely has the looks and just enough of everything to consider yourself a lucky person for meeting her.

Would I recommend this game? Definitely! So check head over to Steam and give it a try.

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