Do Not Feed the Monkeys Achievements Guide & How to Unlock them All

Do Not Feed the Monkeys is a beautiful game, as we’ve already discussed in our recently published review. It’s also a very confusing one at times since you don’t really know what you should or should not be doing. Unlocking all achievements in Do Not Feed the Monkeys follows the same pattern: some are pretty obvious, others are not.

So in today’s article I am going to share with you a guide to the Do Not Feed the Monkeys achievements and how to unlock them all – including the two hidden achievements that the game has. It won’t be easy and you will probably need multiple playthroughs in order to unlock them all, but at least the game is fun and you’ll have no reasons to complain!

So without further ado, let’s check out the Do Not Feed the Monkeys achievements guide and how to unlock them all!

Pongo lostintranslansis: They may communicate in a strange manner, but these apes can be very loving and passionate.
How to get: Talk to Peole in her language and say “Love” three times in a row.

Callimico oviparus: The only primates capable of laying eggs.
How to get: Blackmail Amelia Winnipeg to give you an Egg by convincing her you know about the money in the safe.

Papio stellaris: Their natural habitats include outer space, dreams and rainy cities.
How to get: Record videos of the captain for three days in a row and send them to the TV station. Then talk to the Captain’s son.

Galago cholesterolus: Generous by nature, they don’t let any member of their group go hungry.
How to get: Order any food for Rick Stevens

Microcebus nudensis: They look past appearances: these monkeys look for inner beauty.
How to get: Record a video of the monkey taking photos of the star from the attic, then start blackmailing for some of those photos for yourself.

Petterus supermegafan: They are crazy about spotlights, flashes and teen-ape actresses.
How to get: Talk to the star’s agent and tell him that somebody’s taking photos of her. He will send you a gift afterwards.

Aotus chauffeurii: They hate moving around the jungle on foot.
How to get: Blackmail the photographer and have them become your driver so you can move around faster to the shop.

Prebytis freedonius: They organize themselves around charismatic and slightly genocidal alpha males.
How to get: Talk to August Henkel and tell him to conquer the world again – afterwards, he will send you some gifts and you’ll get this achievement.

Mandrillus lupus: They transform themselves, howl and change their fur with great ease.
How to get: Talk to Jonathan Dull and don’t encourage him to become a singer. He’ll send you the wig as a thank you gift.

Cebus smilenis: These monkey put the happiness of their offspring before anything else.
How to get: Record a video of the crying kid and send it to CHCS.

Colobus corsarii: They love sports and cleanliness. And, above all, they hate confined spaces.
How to get: Get the telephone number of the cleaner and call his wife to save him.

Lepilemur poopoo: The most creative and talented, although with a certain tendency towards scatology.
How to get: Like the achievement’s name suggests, you will have to select a poopoo-themed name for the book that Gustav Jenkings writes for you.

Allocebus darwiniana: Monkeys with a passion for natural selection and the struggle between the species.
How to get: Record a video of the Three Antlered Deer and send it to the Hunters.

Lemur wylonii major: Apes with unimpeachable morality. ABSOLUTELY unimpeachable.
How to get: Be good with all the people coming to your door (lend money to your neighbor, give the delivery guy tips, pay rent on time) and the plant will blossom when the people come back for it and they will reward you with a book, unlocking this achievement.

Lemur wylonii medus: Good, caring, empathetic… These primates are morally acceptable.
How to get: Have a green, healthy plant by being a generally good person in the game.

Lemur wylonii vulgaris: Never trust them: they are the most immoral of all monkeys.
How to get: Be a bad person and do evil stuff, making the plant wither.

Gorilla clubensis minor: Obedient and helpful primates.
How to get: Correctly answer 3 of the Club’s questions.

Gorilla clubensis medus: Very obedient and very helpful primates.
How to get: Correctly answer 6 of the Club’s questions.

Gorilla clubensis major: The most obedient and helpful monkeys: ALWAYS at the service of their keeper.
How to get: Correctly answer 9 of the Club’s questions.

Aotus televisibus: They go crazy over the most extreme emotions on the boob tube.
How to get: Send 20 videos to the TV Station

Propithecus molli: Half ape, half mole: these primates cannot keep their mouths shut.
How to get: When the FBI moves in, uninstall MonkeyVision and collaborate with them.

Hylobates silensis: The most faithful, loyal and discreet primates.
How to get: When the FBI moves in, don’t collaborate with them.

Hapalemur dolarii: They like money almost as much as piggybanks do.
How to get: Have a balance of more than $499

Colobus express: Now you see ’em, now you don’t: these are the fastest monkeys in the jungle.
How to get: Uninstall the MonkeyVision app before noon on Day 1

Tarsius amazonius: Big fans of maxing out their credit cards without leaving the tree.
How to get: Buy and send 4 items with the Online Store in-game.

Ateles pencilianus: Methodical and obsessive: they don’t stop until their pencil is worn down to a stub.
How to get: Have more than 190 saved in your notebook in one game.

Mandrillus barfii: Their appetite knows no limits. It’s a good idea to keep a mop near them.
How to get: Eat 9 food items in a row.

Mandrillus collector minor: Amateur collectors. They always hold on to something as a souvenir.
How to get: Keep at least 4 gifts simultaneously.

Mandrillus collector: Experienced collectors. They have a hard time letting go of anything.
How to get: Keep at least 6 gifts simultaneously.

Mandrillus collector major: Compulsive collectors. They hold on to everything, absolutely EVERYTHING.
How to get: Keep at least 8 gifts simultaneously.

Macaco amateurensis (hidden achievement): They belong to the Club’s second level: “Amateur Zoologist.”
How to get: Get to level 2

Macaco masteriensis (hidden achievement): They belong to the third Club level, Master in Primatology
How to get: Get to level 3

Macaco doctoriensis (hidden achievement): They have reached the Club’s highest level, The Great Primate’s Cage
How to get: Get to level 4

And this is it! These are all the achievements in Do Not Feed the Monkeys and how to unlock them. Good luck getting them all now!

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  1. I can’t do the Papio stellaris achievement even though I’ve done what I should as written above. Could I be making anything wrong? First I send the videos three days in a row, always talking to the boy each day. Then I’ve loaded to the first day I had the space cage and sent the videos three days in a row and then talked to the boy on the third day. Could it be bugged for I loaded the game so the achievement system turns off?

  2. Do you receive a whip for completing Pongo Lostintranslansis? I spoke to Peola and she came over and gave me whip but achievement never unlocked

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