Do Not Feed the Monkeys Guide: Tips & Tricks to Get the Most Out of the Game

Do Not Feed the Monkeys is an awesome game with tons of content and challenges for you. It is beautiful and difficult at the same time and I’m here today to share some general Do Not Feed the Monkeys tips and tricks in a complete guide to the game. This is not a walkthrough per-se and we won’t go into complete tutorial mode for each of the cages. Instead, I am sharing with you some Do Not Feed the Monkeys tips and tricks so that you still get to do everything on your own.

I have already published a bunch of content related to this game, which is slowly becoming one of my favorites, so make sure to check them out too: you can start with my Do Not Feed the Monkeys review, a guide to getting all the endings in the game or a guide to unlocking all achievements.

Now, that we’ve got all this covered, let’s move on and check out below some Do Not Feed the Monkeys tips and tricks!

1. Learn the times of the day when monkeys are active in specific cages
All cages – or at least most of them – follow the same daily routines. They all start getting activity at the same time each day and if you pay a bit of attention, it’s easy to learn their schedule and be online at the right time. Playing the game with an actual notebook to write down some data could also prove helpful in the long run with planning.

Take advantage of the fact that you can focus on two different feeds at the same time and switch between one and another if two things are happening at the same time. What interested you most is clicking the yellow words in order to start working on some puzzles and do your research.

And although there’s no real hurry to find out everything about each cage that you have unlocked, you will receive questions from the Club and you will only be able to answer them if you have unlocked the answer in the game.

2. Don’t ignore your hunger & health
Although you will never died of tiredness (as you will fall asleep no matter what), you can die of hunger or poor health. Therefore, you should always keep an eye on these stats and make sure that they’re in at least a semi-decent shape.

You should try to consume as many foods that increase health as well as lower hunger, since these are the safest bet around. They are expensive and you need to eat a lot, so mix and match with high hunger reducers as well.

Every now and then, there will be all sorts of promos and discounts in the in-game shops. Always take advantage of these and try to only buy when there are discounts in order to save your money. There are also in-game actions that can help you optimize food consumption, such as it is the case of getting a driver for your store visits (the spying guy in a cage).

3. Always get the things from the mailman (unless you’re working on a specific achievement)
Every now and then, the mailman will come with a package intended for somebody else, but which you can claim. Unless you’re playing the good guy (see tip #4), you should always get those goodies, since they usually can be sold for some extra money or give you some sort of a bonus.

If you get the drugs, though, don’t sell them as this will result in a bad, instant ending.

4. You decide the fate of the plant
Sometime during the 2nd in-game day, you will receive a plant from two visitors. This plant will stay with you for a while and your in-game actions will decide its fate. If you are good and perform good, positive actions and are a good neighbor and overall a good human being, the plant will thrive.

On the other hand, if you are bad and do bad stuff in your life as well as regarding cage interactions, the plant won’t do that well. It’s up for you to decide how to treat it and know that there are some achievements related to this plant.

5. Don’t forget to answer the Club’s questions
The Club will send you questions that you will have to answer about the subjects in the cages. You usually have a few solid days to find out the answer – so if you don’t already have that figured out, you should have enough time to do it.

But don’t forget about the questions in your mailbox and answer them in due time in order to get the rewards. This, I believe, also influences the type of ending you’re getting when the game finishes, so focus on these above all else.

6. Always pay the rent (aka work!)
There are various ways to supplement your income in the game, many of which result from your interactions with the monkeys. We won’t talk about them as they are usually not reliable and you don’t have a lot of control over them until later on.

But what you have control on is getting some work done. You will get three job offers each day – all posted on your door. Try to complete these during the working hours listed on the note, while also trying not to miss any important things happening in the cages. This requires a bit of planning, but it is easily done. Also make sure that you don’t order any fast food before leaving for work, as you will lose that shipment.

Work just enough to have money for food and paying the rent on time (you don’t want to get evicted, do you?) – but not much more. You don’t really need the money for anything else in the game – especially if you want to keep the interactions at a minimum, so don’t overdo it. But pay your rent on time!

7. Replay the game and then replay the game some more
There are multiple potential stories to follow in the game, as well as multiple achievements and endings that can’t be completed or unlocked during a single playthrough.

Therefore, you will have to replay the game a few times – up to several times if you really want to see everything and try everything. The good thing is that each time you play, you will get a slightly different experience – which is really fun, actually so definitely give it one more try (or two) after completing the game for the first time.

This would be my general guide to Do Not Feed the Monkeys. I a currently working on creating a guide for each of the cages you can interact with and I will publish these as well if there’s interest in such articles. So let me know if that’s something you’d like to read as well!

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  1. Thank you for the guide. I’d love a guide to each cage if you are willing, especially times of day each are worth watching. Did you find spending money on as many cages as possible as soon as possible a good strategy, or do you prefer to buy just enough to meet the requirements?


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