What Do Turtles Eat in Minecraft?

To this day, Minecraft remains the king of all sandbox games. Its 11 years of service and content updates create almost endless possibilities and entertainment.

But sometimes, you just really want to raise your virtual pets. Like, say, for instance, turtles. But what do turtles eat in Minecraft? This is what we’re going to talk about in today’s article!

If you already encountered them while exploring, you must have also noticed that these docile amphibious creatures are as adorable in Minecraft as they are in real life.

These virtual turtles offer practically no substantial benefits to the players except their eggs or the scutes they produce, but that doesn’t stop them from being homely pets to the players.

So if you’re also thinking of making pets of them, we came up with this article for all the concerns in feeding Minecraft turtles.

Can You Feed Turtles In Minecraft?

minecraft seagrass

Yes. Minecraft turtles eat seagrasses. These virtual sea turtles are as herbivores as they are in real life. 

But unlike real sea turtles, feeding them isn’t exactly a necessity. Like most animals in Minecraft, turtles do not get hungry, either.

Feeding turtles only makes them enter love mode, which allows them to breed. So if you’re planning to increase your turtle pet numbers, you definitely want your hands on these seagrasses.

Speaking of breeding and marine animals, you can also check whether or not you can breed Tropical Fish in Minecraft or not.

Where do I get seagrasses in Minecraft then?

Seagrasses are mostly found in aquatic biomes. But they can also be found in swamps and underwater caves. They also come in two forms: seagrass and tall seagrass.

When gathering seagrasses, use shears as any other tools would destroy them without dropping anything. Make sure to double-check the tool in use before going on a shearing spree.

Now on the slightly darker option – yes, turtles do drop seagrasses when killed too. But of course, we trust the player’s discretion in choosing the former alternatives – I mean, who would kill innocent turtles just to get turtle feeds, right?

Growing Seagrasses

As with most plant blocks, you can cultivate seagrasses too. Applying a bone meal on any non-transparent block submerged in at least two water blocks will generate seagrass.

Of course, you will have to figure out a structural design to make a great seagrass harvest facility for all your feeding needs.

There are better ways to feed your character, though. Seagrass is actually NOT one of them. Click here to check out the best ones.

But Can You Tame Turtles In Minecraft?

minecraft turtle breeding

Well, you can’t. Turtles in Minecraft are not tamable. They cannot be attached to leads either.

However, you can keep them as pets if you lure them to your home by holding a seagrass within ten blocks of distance.

So if you want to pet turtles, seagrasses are absolutely necessary whether you plan on breeding them or not.


To sum it all up, turtles provide no actual value to the players aside from scutes. Turtles are also untamable and may require a whole lot of luring before you can keep one as a pet.

Fortunately, however, they are as easy to keep as any other animals in the game.

So if you want to keep these adorable sea tortoises regardless, do it. Who doesn’t fancy coming home to a sea turtle? They are beautiful creatures. No one can really blame you for wanting to do so.

If you have any more questions or comments, feel free to drop one in the comment section below.

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