Roblox Reaper 2 Resurrection Tier List: Best in the Game

Did you know that you can play as your favorite anime Bleach hero in Roblox 2? Yes, you read that right! In Roblox Reaper 2 you will be able to do that.

Stay tuned to find out the best resurrection tier list and the best resurrection user in the game!

Roblox Reaper 2 is the most interesting thing that one anime and manga fan can experience in a Roblox! It is designed and crafted to perfection with some characters better than others.

You can do more than just play with them too! You are able to build, create mods, rules of your own… basically everything that you’ve ever wanted in an anime game!

There are multiple tier lists that can be found in Roblox Reaper 2. They can be races and Shikai tier lists.

In this guide, we will be talking about the Resurrection Tier List so you will be able to find out who is the best in the game. Let’s get started.

Roblox Reaper 2 Resurrection Tier List

  1. Primero Best in the Game

Primero is definitely the best playable character in Roblox Reaper 2 which has the most unique and most powerful resurrection. 

Primero is in the S tier list(on the top).

His chance of getting a resurrection is 1%. This is extremely rare and sometimes you’ll go without seeing it for longer periods of time.

But that is the whole point of it. In anime you know that cool amazing moment where the main character kills all the enemies around him… well that doesn’t happen in every episode!

When Primero gets his resurrection you will be able to literally wipe the floor with your enemies. Primero becomes an unstoppable force of power. Highly recommended playing him!

  1. Ligero

Ligero is the second on the resurrection list. He is one of the closest thing that can even remotely come to primero with his resurrection.

Ligero is in the A tier list(1 layer under the top).

His chance of getting a resurrection is 4%. This is also extremely rare just like Primero’s one, but still, it is amazing when it happens. And you’ll be surprised because it ends up happening more than you would think.

When Ligero gets his resurrection you will be the thing that everyone runs away from. Just like in the anime, Ligero is extremely powerful and with this skill, you’ll be able to kill everyone around you. Even bosses!

  1. Sombra

Somra is the third on the resurrection list. This resurrection is also very powerful and can deal an amazing amount of damage while keeping a steady and cool head.

Sombra is in the A tier list just like Ligedo is(1 layer under the top).

The chance of getting a resurrection with Sombra is 12%. For an amazing destructive damaging power like Sombra’s resurrection, having a 12% chance of activating it makes it amazing!

When you will get resurrection with Sombra you will want to go on the offensive as much as possible. 

It does deal a lot of damage and still has a high chance to get it activated over and over again.

  1. Volcan

Volcan is the fourth on the resurrection tier list. Volcan is characterized by his fast-speed attacks and when combined with the resurrection skill he is extremely fun to play as.

Volcan is placed in the B tier list(2 layers under the top).

The chance of Volcan activating his resurrection skill is 34%. This is extremely high and also very powerful too! 

It doesn’t come close to the previous ones that are mentioned in this guide, but it is also fairly powerful because it can get activated a whole lot!

When you get resurrection with Volcan you will want to be all around the place. Simply move around and try to dodge as many hits as you can while striking as much as possible.

For a lot of people, Volcan isn’t that cool character to play as, but if you decide to give it a try you’ll be surprised how good he actually is.

  1. Tronido

Tronido is the fifth on the resurrection tier list. Tronido doesn’t necessarily come close to the S tier or the A tier at all, but his powerful trait is that he can actually be in resurrection mode a lot.

Tronido is placed in the B tier list(2 layers under the top).

The chance of Tronido activating his resurrection skill is a whopping 50%! Although that sounds amazing, it doesn’t actually have the strength that a resurrection has.

You will be seeing it active most of the time. Although it would be active though, it doesn’t increase or buff you up that much. But still, it is an amazing thing to have.

How Does Ressurection Work?

Resurrection is that epic thing that you see happening in Animes. Roblox Reaper 2 it is based on the Bleach anime and the resurrection is coming from there.

You will reach a sort of higher form and become a much more powerful and stronger version of the character that you’re playing.

How To Get Ressurection In Roblox Reaper 2?

When playing as Hollow, you will need to level up and develop into a more powerful kind. To begin, you’ll need to stage up to 15 times to become a Menos. 

Kill NPCs to progress to Adjucha. Finally, by raising your stage to 50, you may become Vasto Lorde.

However, at each of the three levels, you can remove your masks to transform into Arrancar, Hollow’s more powerful form. 

Of course, I recommend that you wait until you are Vasto Lorde to do so. In addition, when you remove the masks, you gain Resurrection. 

To activate Resurrection, you must sort its name in conversation, just like Shikai. 

Then you will see an amazing animation that will completely transform how your character is looking from before. 

What Does Ressurection Give You & Should You Use it?

Resurrection makes you much more powerful than before.

If you had a boss fight which you couldn’t finish from before, well simply you will have to wait until your Ressurection will come up.

For example,e if you play with Primero and get his resurrection, well you will be certain that there isn’t anything in Roblox Reaper 2 that you won’t be able to kill!

Other than that, resurrection is pure awesome! You get to see your favorite character become a monster version of themself. Highly recommend trying out these 5 characters.

What Is Roblox Reaper 2?

Roblox Reaper 2 is a new game inspired on the Bleach anime series in which you will battle as a human or a hollow in order to preserve the planet from evil adversaries.

To live, you’ll need to improve your combat skills, so get out there and do some tasks to earn money and experience to level up.

Look for strong talents to help you protect yourself as you navigate this deadly environment.

Learn how to use the Resurrections to your advantage and you will see that this game is really enjoyable and fun.

If you want something of a horror game in Roblox, try out Roblox Rainbow Friends!


Resurrections are the biggest and most fun thing in Roblox Reaper 2! If you hadn’t played a character that had them, well you are definitely missing out on a very fun aspect of the game.

I recommend that you try them out and especially give Primero a try. He will become your favorite character after you see his destructive power with his resurrection.

What do you think of my ranking of the resurrections? Do you think that Primero shouldn’t be number 1 and what is your favorite Ressurection in Roblox Reaper 2? 

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