Warcraft Rumble: Best Rend Build

This guide will go through the best Rend Blackhand build, deck, and talents in Warcraft Rumble to help you consistently win in PvE and PvP.

The best talent is Scale and Steel, with Flaming Soul being an okay alternative. As for the deck and playstyle, Rend shines in counter-attacks near a Drake unit and with a Prowler to deal with ground threats.

Let’s explain the talents, deck, and strategy in more detail to improve your chances of winning with Rend.

Best Rend Talents

Best Rend Blackhand Build in Warcraft Rumble.

Rend has the following talent options:

  • Scale and Steel: Gain ‘Resistant’ while flying and ‘Armored’ while dismounted.
  • Flaming Soul: Cast a Living Bomb when you dismount, which damages nearby enemies.
  • Legionnaire: When first taking damage, dismount while your Drake continues fighting.

Overall, the best Talent for Rend is Scale and Steel. Flaming Soul can be useful but, especially in PvP, players know how to play around it and won’t give you many chances to make it work.

As for Legionnaire, it isn’t worth it as it makes Rend lose some of his strength while in the Air.

Scale and Steel allows you to tank extra hits and makes Rend more durable in all situations.

Best Rend Blackhand Deck in Warcraft Rumble

Best Rend Blackhand Build in Warcraft Rumble.

The best Deck for Rend Blackhand involves using the following units and talents:

  • Drake (Mother Drake): Grants map control
  • Harpies (Trinket Collectors): Best cheap flying unit in the game and also works as a miner replacement with this talent
  • Whelp Eggs (Flame Burst): Great AoE damage
  • Quilboar (Tunnel Vision): Deploys fast for quick counterattacks
  • Prowler (On The Prowl): Deals great damage and is an optimal unit to counter squishy enemy attackers like the Huntress
  • S.A.F.E. Pilot (Gnomish Cloaking Device): Overall amazing unit, great for defense and offense

In terms of strategy, use the Drake for map control and build an attack with it and Rend. Use Harpies to defend against air units and Quilboar/Prowler against ground ones.

From there, add the Whelp Eggs, the Prowler, and the S.A.F.E. Pilot to build a possibly lethal counter attack.

You can also consider swapping the Whelp Eggs for a spell of your preference, like Lightning or Polymorph.

Wrapping up the Best Rend Build

In conclusion, the best Rend Build in Warcraft Rumble uses the Scale and Steel Talent and the Drake, Harpies, Whelp Eggs, Quilboar, Prowler, and S.A.F.E. Pilot units.

With careful counter-attacks and the right talents on each card, you’ll be able to win in both PvE and PvP. Of course, some PvE encounters will require very specific decks, so you’ll need to make changes accordingly.

For examples, check out our guides on how to beat Raene Wolfrunner and how to win against Falstad in Warcraft Rumble. Alternatively, if you’re looking for other build guides, here’s our best build for Tirion, a healer hero with a more unique playstyle.

What do you think about Rend and this build? Which hero do you use the most and what’s their level? Feel free to share your thoughts as well as your favorite builds in the comments below.


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