Best Tirion Build in Warcraft Rumble – Best Deck and Talents

Are you looking for the best Tirion Fordring build in Warcraft Rumble? Here’s the best deck for PvE and PvP, as well as the best talents.

Overall, the best Tirion build involves using Tirion as a healer with the Divine Shield talent, behind a Quilboar, a Prowler, and a Huntress.

Let’s explain all parts in turn and showcase how this deck works and performs.

Best Tirion Talents

Best Tirion build in Warcraft Rumble.

Tirion comes with the following Talent options:

  • Consecrate: Deal AoE damage to enemy minis in the area in front of you. However, the damage is low and there are better units for AoE damage.
  • By the Light: Doubles Tirion’s healing on his primary target. This is a solid option if Tirion is positioned behind a strong tank like the Earth Elemental or the Molten Giant.
  • Divine Shield: Once Tirion reaches 30% HP, he gains a magical shield that blocks all damage for the next five seconds. Simply overpowered, this talent is a must-have!

Based on the available options, the best Tirion Talent is Divine Shield. It will allow him to offer significantly more value on the field.

By the Light is also a solid option and while it’s not as good as Divine Shield, it definitely has its merit.

Keep in mind that talents overall are not essential to have for this build but they help a lot. Additionally, Divine Shield can be used multiple times if it’s off-cooldown.

Best Tirion Fordring Deck in Warcraft Rumble

Best Tirion build in Warcraft Rumble.

The best Deck for Tirion Fordring involves using the following units and talents:

  • Huntress (Elven Might) talent: Only countered by Prowler and Abomination
  • S.A.F.E. Pilot (Gnomish Cloaking Device): Amazing all-around unit that can do almost everything
  • Prowler (Predatory Instincts): Counters most enemy units, great defensive option for counterattacks
  • Quilboar (Bristleback): A frontline unit that protects the Huntress
  • Whelp Eggs (Flame Burst): If you don’t have the Flame Burst Talent, consider using Harpies or Bat Rider
  • Dark Iron Miner (Gold Mine): Extra gold and map control
Best Tirion build in Warcraft Rumble.

Overall, this deck will allow you to have control of the field, and focus on defense and counterattacks. Build a push with the Prowler and Quilboar in front and the Huntress behind, while supporting everything with Tirion.

Then, based on what the enemy does, use any of the remaining units. You can also consider switching the S.A.F.E Pilot with a spell like Lightning or Polymorph.

Wrapping up the Best Tirion Build

To summarize, the best Tirion build in Warcraft Rumble uses the Divine Shield talent and utilizes a defensive playstyle that focuses on counterattacks.

With Tirion in the back of a big counterattack, your units will be able to deal significant damage to the enemy’s base and even take it down in one go.

What do you think about Tirion? What level and rarity is your hero? Feel free to share your favorite builds in the comments below. After all, there are many good possible builds!

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