Spirittea List of Spirits in Each Season

Are you looking for a list of all Spirits in each season in Spirittea? Let’s go through the importance of seasons and each spirit’s stats.

There are over 35 Spirits in the game and they are split amongst all four seasons. It’s important to seat them based on Seasons in the bathhouse since they will be happier and you’ll earn more gold.

Let’s go through everything in more detail.

Spirittea Seasonal Spirits Explained – Why Does Season Matter?

All Spirittea Spirits based on season.

The season preference of each Spirit in Spirittea is important as when seated in the bathhouse, each spirit has certain preferences regarding which spirits it likes and dislikes nearby.

For instance, the Fatherog Sppirit dislikes sitting by Fall Spirits and likes Summer Spirits. To increase your income, it’s important to seat each Spirit next to the ones it likes.

All Spirittea Spring Spirits

Starting with the Spring Spirits, here are all nine of them, their size for bathhouse seating, and their favorite foods:

Spirit NameSizeFavorite Food
AuroraSmallSpicy Rice Cakes
FeniasMediumJulian’s Family Recipe
JusoMediumPlain Cake
MarikoSmallFried Chicken
MorinobaLargeMixed Vegetable, Egg, and Rice
UpoSmallCarrot Cake
VulpishLordPulled Pork Sandwich

All Spirittea Summer Spirits

Moving on to the Summer Season, there are nine Summer Spirits in Spirittea and they are the following:

Spirit NameSizeFavorite Food
DolmoriMediumSoy Chicken
GorgoSmallSeaweed Soup
Heck, Geckit, FrokeMediumKimbap
KurkapiMediumMixed Vegetable Pizza
LarrickSmallJulian’s Family Recipe
PanthermasLordSpicy Kimchi Stew

All Spirittea Fall Spirits

Next, there are 12 Fall Spirits, and here are all of them, their size, and their favorite meals:

Spirit NameSizeFavorite Food
AurumSmallSpicy Kimchi Stew
ChiropiMediumCarrot Cake
CorvinkSmallFried Rice
HobinSmallFried Chicken
LunarissMediumSoy Flavored Deep Fried Squid
MujinaSmallSeaweed Soup
OchressLordBitter Salad
RibbardSmallMixed Vegetable Pizza

All Spirittea Winter Spirits

Lastly, let’s go through the full list of all 10 seasonal Winter Spirits:

Spirit NameSizeFavorite Food
BantushiMediumPulled Pork Sandwich
FlittSmallPlain Cake
FonukiMediumFried Rice
HibernusLordIce Cream
NimboarsMediumShrimp Salad
OnishiLargeCrimson Shrimp Salad
TikanSmallSoy Chicken
UmakikiLargeShrimp Salad

This concludes our list of all Spirits based on the season. Did this help you set up your bathhouse more efficiently?

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Wrapping up

To summarize this Spittea list of all Spirits in each season, it’s important to know the season of each Spirit so that you can match them with Spirits they like at the bathhouse.

Combined with their size and favorite foods, you’ll be able to optimize your bathhouse and significantly increase your daily profits.

Which Spirit are you trying to find next? Have you managed to get any Lord Spirits so far? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

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