How to find Apex Teammates | 2024 Guide to Locating Perfect Squads

Are you an Apex Legends player hungry for consistent wins, but tired of playing with unreliable randoms? Having a skilled, coordinated squad is essential for dominating in Apex Legends.

This comprehensive guide reveals the top teammate-finding platforms so you can establish epic communication with reliable teammates.

Be sure to check out dedicated gaming apps and sites like Apex LFG from GameTree, which platform is designed to connect you with your perfect teammates and offer great tools to either build a squad or find existing teams to join.

It enables sending friend requests via gamer tags and provides multiple options to seamlessly squad up. 

Discover strategies to optimize your odds of finding perfectly matched teammates that complement your play style.

Whether on PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch or PC, apply the squad matchmaking tricks provided here to establish camaraderie with reliable teammates ready to strategize, grind, and dominate the Apex arena as one.

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Exploring Various Platforms to Find Apex Teammates

When looking for teammates to play Apex Legends with, there are a variety of platforms that players can utilize. Taking the time to explore these different options can help you connect with other like-minded players to squad up with.

The most popular platform for finding Apex teammates is Discord. Discord is a free voice and text chat app that is commonly used by gamers to connect and coordinate with each other.

There are many large Apex Legends dedicated Discord servers with tens of thousands of members. These servers have specific channels for posting your platform, region, ranks, preferred legends, and other details to match you with suitable teammates.

The great benefit of Discord is that it facilitates both text and voice chat to enable coordination with your squad.

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Another great option is the Apex Legends subreddit. With over 2 million members, this subreddit is highly active and filled with players LFG (looking for a group).

You can create your own posts specifying details like platform, region, play style, etc., or browse through others’ LFG posts to find teammates matching what you are looking for. The subreddit also has LFG megathreads that are regularly updated.

For those on console platforms like Xbox and PlayStation, utilizing built-in LFG features can also be effective for finding Apex teammates.

You can create LFG posts on these platforms which will be visible to other local players searching for groups. Parameters like language, playstyle, skill level, and other preferences can be specified here to attract suitable teammates.

Utilizing Gaming Community Websites

There are also dedicated LFG websites for popular games like Apex Legends that provide good avenues for finding teammates.

These gaming community platforms allow creating custom posts and listing your platform, region, skill level, play style, and other details that assist in matching you with players that fit well.

Different websites provide advanced filters for precisely narrowing your search criteria when browsing potential teammates.

You can filter by stats like platform, K/D ratio, region, mic usage, and more. There is also the option to create clan/squad posts to recruit multiple teammates.

Top players can also list teams and clans they have created on different websites which enables direct applications from other serious players looking to join a squad.

Overall, specialized gaming community websites enable targeted searches to find just the right teammates.

Leveraging Social Media Platforms

Social platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram can also be leveraged to find Apex teammates.

Searching relevant hashtags like #ApexLFG can help you come across posts from players looking for squads to join. Popular Apex Legends fan pages also regularly share LFG posts that you can browse through.

An additional approach is following top Apex Legends influencers/pro players and interacting with their posts. Sometimes they may tweet out offers to play with followers or announce community events to play with fans. Keeping up with Apex personalities on social media can thus provide occasional opportunities to squad up.

You can also directly make use of your existing social network by posting your own Apex LFG details.

Friends of friends who play Apex may discover your post and connect with you to play together. Making your search for teammates public on social platforms expands your reach substantially.

Using In-Game Features to Find Teammates

While limited, there are also some in-game options in Apex Legends for finding teammates:

Using the “Find Friend” Feature

The Find Friend feature in Apex Legends allows searching for players you’ve recently encountered in matches through mutual EA connections. On PC, you can access this via the friends tab in the lobby. On the console, access it via the main menu.

You can then filter results by platform to find players from matches you’ve recently played. Selecting them will allow sending an in-game friend request. If they accept, you’ll be connected in-game enabling future squadding up together.

So if you come across good cooperative randoms in your matches, you can potentially reconnect with them as teammates later on.

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Leveraging the “Fill Matchmaking” Feature

Instead of manually finding teammates, you can also leverage the built-in Fill Matchmaking option. This automatically places you in a squad with players looking for members.

To use this, toggle Fill Matchmaking to “On” instead of playing solo when in the lobby. This will automatically match you with a short squad before the next game.

An advantage here is finding teammates who are guaranteed to use mics for communication and coordination. Just be sure to add cooperative players you vibe with to enable playing together again.

The fill matchmaking feature takes away the effort of manually finding teammates each time.

Joining Apex Legends Groups and Communities

Getting involved in dedicated Apex Legends gaming groups and communities represents another great approach for meeting potential long-term teammates:

Exploring Apex Legends Groups on Facebook

With over 150 million daily active users, Facebook contains various interest-based groups for Apex players. Search for relevant terms like “Apex Legends LFG” and filter by Groups to discover active communities.

Joining a few large Apex Legends Facebook Groups exposes you to regular LFG posts from players seeking teammates. You can connect with squad seekers who suit your platform and playstyle preferences.

And if you’re ever struggling to find teammates, you can easily create your own LFG post within these Facebook gaming groups. This grants visibility to thousands of potential Apex players open to teaming up.

Joining Apex Legends Discord Servers

Similar to platform-wide Discord channels, joining Apex Legends focused Discord servers gives access to a community of enthusiastic players.

Numerous fan-made servers exist purely for Apex players to connect, chat and find teammate lobbies.

Browse listings and Reddit recommendations to discover active Apex Discord servers with LFG channels matching your platform and region. The more servers you join, the greater your chances of encountering teams to play with regularly.

Immerse yourself in the Apex Legends social gaming community on Discord to tap into available teammates around the clock.

Bottom Line

Apex Legends provides fantastic squad-based battle royale gameplay. But finding the right teammates can be challenging without in-game LFG features.

Luckily, as highlighted in this article, players have created several external platforms enabling like-minded players to squad up.

So explore the various teammate-finding techniques outlined here – from leveraging social platforms to joining gaming communities.

With the right teammates that match your playstyle, Apex becomes infinitely more entertaining. So squad up and dominate the Apex arena!

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