The Last Faith: Starlight Beast of Illygarth Boss Battle Guide

The Beast of Illygarth is a late-game boss, and in the guide, I will go over everything out need to know to counter his moves in The Last Faith.

It is a straightforward boss with only one phase, but don’t let that fool you, because that doesn’t mean, that the boss will be a pushover.

Let’s dive more in-depth into what attacks you can expect from him.

Starlight Beast of Illygarth Attack Patterns


The Starlight Beast of Illygarth has a variety of attacks it can use against players, and all of them are deadly and hard to avoid.

It is an optional boss hidden behind a breakable wall, and you will get the Illygarth Boreal Blade.

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Let’s review all the attacks and the patterns that lead to them.

  • Breath Attack: The boss will move its body back a little, and then release a small breath cloud in front of its mouth.

Since the breath has a small radius in front of the boss’s face you can easily avoid it, by moving back.

  • Ice Wall: The boss will put its hand in the air, scream, take a step forward, and slam its hand down forming an ice wall, and creating two spiked ice balls.

The wall will only stay up for a few seconds, and this attack is mostly used as a defensive mechanic. You will only need to pay attention to the spiked balls bouncing around.

  • Double Slash: The boss will move its front claw back a few seconds, swiping in front of it, followed by a second swipe.

These attacks will come hard, and fast so make sure you dash out of the way. Even if you get hit from the first attack, do not panic and try to avoid the second.

  • Dash Swipe: The boss will move its front claw back, flash a few seconds, and then dash forward.

This is a really simple attack you can see coming, and will only require you to jump over it when you see it coming.

  • Backhanded Swipe: If the player stays behind the boss for some time it will make a backward swipe, and create a wave of icicles on the bottom of the screen.

You can anticipate this attack by staying behind the boss, and you can easily avoid it by jumping and dashing to the other side of the boss.

  • Enhanced Ice Wall: After the boss reaches around half its health, it will use an enhanced defensive technique. The boss will raise its hands, charge its attack by flashing, and then small them back down. The wall will surround it, and a wave of icicles will rush forward.

Though enhanced, this defensive mechanic will still be easy to avoid, and players only need to avoid the spiked balls.

  • Spiked Ball Baragge: The boss will raise its hands, scream, slam them, and shoot out spiked balls in the direction of the player.

The spiked balls will bounce in an irregular pattern, and make sure you know that once they hit the wall they will bounce back toward the stage.

  • Breath Beam: The boss will move its body back, charge a ball in front of its mouth, and finally shoot out a beam ahead.

This attack can catch players by surprise, and by staying to the other side of the head, you can land a couple of hits, and stay safe.

These were all the attack patterns you can look out for while fighting the Starlight Beast of Illygarth in The Last Faith.

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Final Thoughts

Optional areas and bosses can offer great rewards for players looking to explore everything the game can offer.

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With the battle guide for Starlight Beast of Illygarth complete, and all the different attacks explained for The Last Faith you will be able to defeat it and get the extra rewards. Let us know in the comments which boss has given you the most trouble.


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